What is SfoDirect?

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A software SEO is a set of functions and software that allows you to know metric data and your website. To understand for example as Google handles, processes and visualizes the data or to analyze the domains of your more direct competitors A software SEO can be what the programmers want that is.

SfoDirect for example is a software SEO, but he is not one more since it has a very economic cost, something that is not habitual in a suite.

  • The functions of a software SEO
  • In addition, the amount of functions that executes Software SEO de SfoDirect allows us to work one complete variety of action to position to us in Google. They are more, but you have here most excellent:
  • Tracker of positions. It controls what keywords you position and its fluctuations in the ranking; with graph including.
  • Keyword Research. We have an enormous tendency and data base of keywords so that you look for the volume, cpc of your key words to position.
  • Audit SEO. Our software analyzes multiple parameters of relevance SEO and sets out the errors in your website of a form graphical and easy to understand. In the same tool it is explained how to resolve those errors by means of advice.
  • Semantic prominence. It sounds Seolyze to You? Then our software SEO does the same but faster (and to a much smaller cost). When you want to write a text, you only must put in SfoDirect keyword that you want to position and he will tell you what other key words you must introduce in that text to position it.
  • Cannibalisations. To have in your domain two pages that position in Google for the same keyword is bad. SfoDirect will detect all the cannibalisations that you have in your website so that you can solve the problem.
  • Graph of visibility. You want to know if your competition well is positioned in Google? You want to know why keywords positions? This function of SfoDirect you will count it everything.
  • Connected internal. You have problems to position in Google? With SfoDirect you will discover the internal authority of each URL and will be able to redistribute it to harness those contents that you need that they are above.

Thin content. If you have many URLs and in them there is little content or duplicate, it is necessary to solve it. SfoDirect says all the thin to you content that you have in your domain so that you are conscious of it and you put remedy to him.

Management of Linkbuilding. You secured an important connection? I prop up in SfoDirect and if sometimes they clear it to you our software warns to you so that you take measures. It stops worrying to you to be losing connections without finding out to you.

Our software SEO is a whole in one with which a campaign can be realised complete SEO, as much for your projects and businesses, as for those of your clients.

The software of SfoDirect allows you to make SEO to low cost for your niche and business.

  1. What benefits contribute to a software SEO to their users?
  2. There are 3 fundamental advantages in the use of a software or suite SEO:
  3. On the one hand you have all the tools in one. You do not have to loguear you in several tools, to have several open eyelashes and to be interchanging from one to another one.

If you use several tools to do SEO is easy to be with incompatibilities when to cross data/archives. That is very problematic, gives many worries and it makes us waste long time.

The price of a suite SEO is generally economic since by that price you have a complete and integral tool for your campaigns of positioning.

These are the main advantages at economic level and of productivity that can offer a software SEO, but would be many more. For example that is only necessary to contact with a service of support and in the case of SfoDirect, in addition, that is in Spanish.

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