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The national SEO and its community

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Those that we dedicated to the positioning Web whenever we heard that of the SEO have died we lay down a little at the top the hands, because far from it is thus.

And that is something that sees when you enter a little within that great family who has formed the SEO here in Spain.

What it has happened to the SEO is that has evolved, in fact, continues changing and what a time ago it served to position, now it must adapt to the new requirements and you rule that it is marking Google.

It is more, those than we dedicated ourselves to this work we know that the national SEO lives one on its better moments, we also dedicated 12 years of our experience to our affordable dedicated server, to make it afforadable by anyone and have the best uptime. .

SEO with Spain appellation of origin

Spanish SEO

The Spanish SEO is living a good moment and that is reflected in the amount of great professionals SEO that there is in the community; as well as of created tools SEO in Spain and by Spaniards.

In the following listing we present some the most excellent names of the Spanish community of SEO.

Great Spanish SEOs

As professional Spanish SEOs are:

By all means, that are many more, as Marcos Herrera, Xavier Viguer, Nacho Monterde, Jorge Gonz¡lez and a long list of others.

Tools SEO made in Spain

Also we want to share a small listing of the created tools SEO in Spain.


kiwosan-logoThis tool SEO is focused mainly to the search of key words; although also it counts on functions of analysis of the SERPs, analysis of your own website, semantic analysis, etc.

A tool SEO to consider at the time of realising an exhaustive search of keywords.


logo_safecontWith this incredible tool SEO you will be able to analyze in a matter of just a short time thousands of URLs to know how interlinking is developed your, the levels that you have created in the architecture Web, analyzes the semantics, etc. to you.


logo-seoboxThis tool serves from knowing and following tracking of positions of keywords, to sending real traffic to your Web.

Account with different plans from prices and different functionalities so that you contract those that really you need.


logo-dinorankThis tool SEO is very simple and intuitive to use; in addition to being very complete.

And it is that this suite of SEO offers functions to you to know tracking positions of keywords that you indicate to him; pursuit that in addition the tool realises differentiating between computer and mobile.

With SfoDirect also you will know pagerank and connected internal your website, something fundamental to know which is the authority that has each one of the contents of your Web.

By all means, also it analyzes your project to you Web, so that you have at any moment controlled the speed of load of each one of the contents, errors 404, if you need some H1, etc.

Account also with options of keyword research, cannibalisations, thin content, semantic prominence, etc.

Already you see, tool of more complete than will help you in your day to day to realise work SEO optimal and that will serve so much to you to work in small projects as in great Webs with multitude of URLs as they can get to be generated in one ecommerce and we also have better plan to cover your cost for hosting, you can them at our unlimited hosting plans, for example.

Final conclusion

You already see that we did not exaggerate anything when we shelp that the Spanish world SEO was in the heat of apogee and in one of its better moments; something that certainly will stay in the time no matter how much they say that of the SEO is dead.


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  1. I have proven the SfoDirect tool a pair of times and certify here written

    She is very intuitive, and in each module it even has a video to teach to you as using it

    I recommend it

  2. The tool of DInorank although I believe that still it needs some cochair to polish enchants to me already I meet several professionals who use it and I am more and more safe that I will end up acquiring it. In addition, that is national seems to me a great point to their favor!

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Thank you very much German, we hoped to be able to say soon that you are a SfoDirectER then ™

      SfoDirect is improving almost weekly. In fact this same week has been an important update in tracking and the respective report.

      If a time ago you proved SfoDirect, I recommend to you to take advantage of brutal the discount that we have now to 5 with code CORONADINO and you will see a substantial difference in functionalities as as much aesthetic.

      In the same way, if you want to do some suggestion to us of improvement, we are all ears ™

      A hug!

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