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Slug SEO, learns to dominate it

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The slug is one of the small parts of the SEO that you must remember very and that you must analyze and study when you create the initial structure of your website.

There you must have present that the slug comprises of the structure of the URL, of its importance in SEO; reason by which, one is not due to leave at random, but you must be who following a previous strategy you indicate and you personalize in your website this small one, but very important, particle of the SEO.

But, we begin by the principle, explaining to you what is a slug in SEO and how to personalize it.

What is a slug in SEO?

The slug, basically is, the title of your content turned into the final part of the structure of your URL.

that it is a slug

So that you understand it better we will put an example:

We suppose that you have written a text and the title is the best shoes of hall the 2020.

The slug that will be created automatically will be: the-good-shoe-of-hall-del-2020.

This slug will appear right behind your domain and folder in which there are including the content.

As you see in the example, the slug is exactly equal to the title, only that replaces the spaces by - (average scripts).

How to create a slug SEO in WordPress

One of the recommendations SEO that usually are made in particular at the time of the creation of URL and in this case in the slug creation, it is that they are not used more than 4 or 5 words.

In addition, it must be a slug that as much has sense for the user as for Google, for that reason also it is recommended that it does not include numbers, dates or symbols type % or similar; and as far as possible it eliminates all type of conjunctions, prepositions, articles.

You do not have to lose of view that the slug must be short, concise and with sense.

How to make a slug coherent SEO in WordPress being started off of those premises he is very simple, because WordPress allows from its menu to personalize the creation of the slug or I connect permanent, also well-known with the name of permalink.

For it you will have to follow these steps: menu Adjustments - > Enlaces permanent; there it selects the option of name of the entrance.

to create slug in wordpress

This way the slug will be created of automatic way from the title that him DES to the post, page, image, etc.

Also it will interest to you to know that the positioning of the slug in WordPress you can realise it from of the own text editor.

The slug is created automatically when you write the title and guards as rough draft that content.

Well, because that slug that are created and that you will be able to see, normally, upon the title it can be modified, according to the advice who we indicated to you more above.

Another way to personalize that slug is from the fast edition option that you find in the screen where they are all the pages and entrances, for example.

Ten in account that WordPress generates a slug by each element which you create and/or you raise in him and that slug will be unique; that is to say, if you have a post with the slug buy-worn-cheap, and you create another one to which you want to denominate the same, immediately WordPress adds a number to him in the end, being the buy-worn-cheap-1 slug.

Of there the importance of which you take a control of the connections that you are generating so that it does not happen that to you.

You need to erase a URL of Google?

To modify a slug in WordPress

A connection or slug can be modified without problems as long as you do not publish the content. Once you make public that content the slug is not possible to be modified.


To see, you could do it but you would generate an error 404, because the connection already has occurred to know a way and to little that you modify it, this one stops existing.

The correct way to modify a connection already published would be generating a redireccionamiento 301 from the old slug towards the correct connection. This you can do it or from .htaccess or using plugin of redirections.

Final conclusion

As we finished to you explaining, to create a slug in WordPress is very simple, but to do it and to avoid works of redireccionamiento and future corrections well, you must know clearly from the home how it will be the structure of your website.

By all means, you do not forget to take a small control of the connections that you are generating and remembers our small advice at the time of creating them.


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  1. Hello Edu

    In my case I have been using custom permalink to nest urls of my Web

    They interfere with the slug that I have been to them placing?


    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Hello Luis,

      Plugin custom permalink me has been very useful in several projects to modify the slug bases (or by defect) of permanent Adjustments > Enlaces on WordPress, although with the new version of Guttenberg (visual publisher of WordPress) you must walk with well-taken care of because it stops working or does not work absolutely well.

      A hug!

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