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8 advice SEO to position key words

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To get to position a keyword within the first positions of Google can be something complicated if a study of the same is not realised previously.

Clear that, other factors that you must consider at the time of selecting keywords are: the intention search of the user and what is making your competition.

We go by parts and we begin speaking envelope how to choose key words for positioning SEO; in order to treat the 8 advice later SEO to position keywords.

How to choose key words SEO

The first task to realise is search the key words of our business. For it you have different tools from your disposition, as: the planner of key words of Google, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Keyword Finder de Mangools, SfoDirect, etc.

Although the most complicated task comes at the time of selecting among all those keywords which is the one that we must use to position.


And it is that, we must know what type of keyword we must use, because different types exist from keywords according to the class of intention search of the user.

However, according to the business and website that we have created it will also give an idea us of the type of intention search and we will know if what we must choose they are transactional key words, that is to say, that demonstrate to an action of purchase or conversion; if information key words are, because you have an informative blog on a subject in particular.

In this same sense they also are the local key words, in which it prevails to emphasize the place where the business is located, because it is a store or company that can be visited.

And to finish, to comment to you that they also are the navigation key words; where the user looks for by brand. This type of key words also one knows them with the name branded keyword.

Tips to position keywords SEO

Now that we know clearly the different types from key words that they exist and once we have made our search begins the first work of selection and creation of long tails to attack that intention directly search that we commented before.


For example, if our business is one ecommerce, then our keyword is transactional and will be of the style: to buy prism binocular; prismatic cheap; price of the prismatic X; etc.

With the list of keywords SEO that we remove we will have:

1. - It includes keywords in snippet

It uses the main keyword in title and puts description of snippet, which you will be able to modify from plugin SEO which you use.

By all means, this keyword must be unique for that content or otherwise you could have cannibalisations between the contents of your website.

2. - A unique title of the content writes up

It includes your main keyword within the title of the content; and if long can be within one tail, far better.

For example, if our main keyword is prismatic the title could thus be something: better prisms binocular zeis of the 2020.

Obvious, it must be a title unique and different from which you indicated in title SEO of snippet.

3. - The keyword in the content includes

Certainly you have listened to that of the content is the King and as so in him you must include the main keyword and its synonymous ones.

You do not repeat continuously, and less without sense, keyword main, because you must create a content thinking, first in the user and reader and later in Google, which is able to interpret the semantics of the text.

Ten in account, in addition, that if you abuse the keyword too much you will be creating keyword stuffing and that are penalized by Google.

In addition that, if you create content without sense, the reader will leave your content for being illegible and that is not good either for the positioning.

4. - It uses bolds to emphasize keyword

A very effective way to present the keyword and to emphasize it with respect to the content is to put it with bold.

That yes, you do not limit yourself to only emphasize that keyword, but also do it with synonymous and long tails; so that projections important parts of the content.

5. - It uses synonymous and semantic key words

We have already commented to you that you do not abuse keyword main and you constantly repeat it in the content.

The Spanish is a very rich language in words, so, uses his diversity and uses synonymous and semantic key words that give wealth to your content.

6. - The keyword in the image includes

And when tenth that you include the keyword in the image we did not talk about to the name and the title of this one but to the label or attribute alt-text.

It is there where you must include the main word of your content.

7. - the URL of your content personalizes

It creates a unique URL in which you include your keyword main and that contains neither rare numbers nor symbols.

8. - To create a strategy of backlinks towards your main keyword

The strategy of backlinks that you plan must as much be at internal level as external; for it creates a place in which to control the type of anchor-text which you use, to generate these connections as much on keyword main, as on synonymous and, by all means, long tails and keywords semantic.

Final conclusion envelope how to position one keyword SEO

As you see, the actions are several that you must realise to position one keyword; where also you can be oriented with the instructionses that SEO gives to you plugin that you use.

And he is that, plugins as SEO by Yoast or Rank Math orients envelope to you how you are using keyword main within the content. A way to assure to you than you have great possibilities of positioning.

However, you do not doubt it and follows these advice, because if you want to position key words for SEO, these are the best actions than you can talk back.


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