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Types of SEO

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Starting off of the premise of which the main objective of the SEO is the positioning of a website so that he is visible in the first positions of the finders; it is certain that, following the business or of the actions SEO and strategy that you realise, this positioning Web is going away to center in a specific part.

Of there, the removal in types of SEO, that can as well get to become a specialization of the professional.

Next, we detailed the different classes to you from SEO that you can get to find:

SEO on page

SEO onpage

The SEO onpage is based on all type of tasks and actions to realise within the own website and that help in major or measured minor to improve the positioning.

This type of SEO is controlled totally by the professional, because he is who decides what to do or not at every moment; in the same way that he analyzes what is due to be improving in the website to be improving in the SERPs.

SEO in off page

SEO offpage

The SEO offpage is a centered variant mainly in which the website is acquiring a greater authority, at the same time as a greater visibility and improvement of the positioning connected Web through external, known as backlinks.

In this type of SEO, the professional does not have control 100% because she depends on the Web sites, social forums, networks, etc., in which she has connected.

SEO Copywriting or SEO de Contenidos

SEO Copywriting and Contenido

This class of SEO is focused in the writing and the content of the website.

In this type of SEO copywriting one remembers the very intention search and keywords from which the content is written up, without losing of view the structure of the one of the same to facilitate and inviting to the reading.

SEO T©cnico

SEO Tecnico

The technical SEO is the person in charge to realise all type of tasks focused to the finders.

In this case the technical SEO will be the person in charge to control, for example, the indexing of the pages, to verify that they are raked, to generate a file robots that help that indexing, etc.

Local SEO

SEO Local

The local SEO is focused in positioning a website in a certain place, or because it is a store or because of being a company of services; but in no case they can get to take care of the users beyond a certain zone.

In this type of positioning much is emphasized the place in which this webpage is located, using average external as Google My Business.

Nichero SEO

adsense - nichero SEO

The aim of the nichero SEO is the one to mint the website through announcements of Adsense.

Affiliation SEO

Amazon SEO affiliation

The affiliation SEO must as aim mint the website, but in this occasion it will do it through Amazon, Aliexpress and similars.

SEO ecommerce

SEO ecommerce

SEO ecommerce works to position store online, whose greater casuistry is the amount of products that can get to handle, which in addition, usually disappears after certain time; being here where its greater difficulty resides.

International SEO

International SEO

The international SEO intimately is related to those websites that usually contain several languages, because they are directed to different countries.

Although also the case could occur of being a page with an only language directed and focused to a certain international market.

In any case, the professional SEO must know the market in each one of the countries to which it goes for knowing how to focus his tasks and action SEO to improve the positioning of the website.

National SEO

National SEO

This type of SEO is focused to the origin country and the tasks will concentrate only and exclusively to position in the country, without looking further on.


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