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5 infallible techniques SEO

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When we spoke of SEO or positioning Web you must start off of the premise of which it is not an exact science in which to do some certain actions, yes or yes, you are going to be able to position your website.

Although what yes we can assure to you it is that, realising the 5 techniques of SEO that we are going to detail to you next you are going to have many more possibilities of ending up positioning your website.

So, it takes good note and it begins today from putting in practice these actions.

It looks for keywords of your thematic one

It seems something obvious, but it would surprise knowledge to you that still there is who writes without to have realised a search of keywords before writing up the content.

You can carry out this task using multitude of gratuitous tools, as for example: Ubersuggest, WordZe, Keyword Revealer, etc.; or to use tools of payment as: SfoDirect, Semrush, Mangools, etc.

keywords research

With anyone of them the action to realise would be the same, that you with those key words are the one to leak and to have left that really adjust with the content which you are going to realise.

Another option that you can use at the time of realising this keyword research, is the one to know which are the key words that your competition uses. It is a way simple to know what words rankean and in what position; which you will be able perfectly to use along with your first analysis and filtrate.

This action you can do it through the SfoDirect tool, from the menu of keywords positioned.

We left a video you so that you see how simpler and fast you can obtain this data to implement it in your content soon:

The search of keywords also will help you to create a structure of the text so that soon he is simpler to realise the content.

Here I leave a video you of how keyword becomes research with SfoDirect:

It writes up good content and it responds query of the user

Once you have fact your selection of key words and have created the structure of the content with its respective titles, H1, H2 and H3 is the moment for writing the text.

contained structure

First that you must know here, it is that you do not have to repeat your main keyword constantly. In opposition to which you can think, to repeat this word too much causes that your content loses sense and that it is difficult to read.

In addition, this action has other two consequences more; first it is that the user goes away and second who Google draws attention to you to do keyword stuffing.

It would be possible to be shelp that, one of the secrets of the writing Web it is the make to write as if you were speaking to a friend to whom you have opposite then.

If it beams thus you will have a natural text, warm and good natured that will call to the reading.

That yes, avoids certain vulgarisms, postcripts, phrases and another type of expressions that do not do more than to increase the content without contributing nothing to the reader.

Because what you cannot lose of view it is that the content that you generate must respond query or intention search of the reader; otherwise it will also leave your page.

It perfects your content

It takes your content to a second level and improves it from keywords semantic.

This action also you could make it before have written up your content, but you put too many key words and you add to that semantic listing these to him keywords you can be felt overflowed and to lose the thread of a correct writing to want to put them all.

For that reason it is easier to make this task a posteriori.

We explained to you how one becomes in SfoDirect with this video:

If you are wondering yourself if you could use this option as search of keywords to only create your content; we advised you that no, but you use it as a complement to your keyword research.

He creates a title and a put-description SEO that hooks

Another important action is the one to create a title and puts description SEO that hooks the reader and it makes him enter your website.

For it creates a short, original title and that with few words is able to describe envelope what treats your content.

Eye! the title SEO does not have to do with the title of the post and that corresponds to the H1 of the content. They are two different things, where the title SEO is the one that appears in the results of the searches and the H1 is the one that appears within your website.

And the same happens to the goal description; it must be a short text that draws attention and it describes to the reader what is going to find in your website and it invites to him to enter.

In order to excel with respect to the other results you can use emojis or another type of drawings or graphs that draw attention.

It creates internal liaisons

And to finish you do not forget to generate within your content connections that take so much to the reader as to the spiders of Google of some pages to others. This way, and if your content is good, you will secure that to the reading pass long time in your website, going of page in page.

connected internal

Obvious, you will have to take a control of the connections that you are creating; something that also you will be able to know a single look with the SfoDirect tool and its connected option of internal.

It remembers

Realising these simple 5 techniques SEO you will be improving in the positioning of your website, because you will have a content that likes so much to users as to Google.


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