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The transition words SEO: what are and how to use them

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The transition words SEO are all those terms that take easier the reading, giving continuity and coherence to the content.

In fact, the use of these words or phrases of transition in a writing helps to that the user far better includes the text of the website, locating it within the context according to the type of transition word SEO who is used at every moment.

Thanks to these terms, also you will be able to structure your content far better and to begin the phrases of unique way without repeating always the same home.


On the other hand, to avoid this error to begin always the same the phrases different tools, as for example, plugin exist SEO by Yoast, that counts on a legibility section in which it analyzes:

  • The use of the transition words, warning when you have several followed phrases that begin with the same.
  • If you use complicated words, being based on the number of syllables that have each of them.
  • Length of the phrases and paragraphs, being positive when these are short.
  • Use of the passive voice in excess.

Plugins and tools exist others that also will help you to correct these details. Obvious, it values if to change something than it indicates the tool to you at issue, stops having sense your text.

Which are the transition words

Next we left with a listing of transition words SEO you so that you use them in your texts:

Terms of transition of order or enumeration

First Finally First of all,
Previous to, Finally, Secondly,
It is more, In the home, Another one could be,

Terms of transition of cause or consequence

Because Therefore Due to
Since, By this/that reason For this reason,
The reason

Terms of time transition

Before, After, From,
Next, While, During,
Following with, Later, Immediately

Terms of comparison transition

As well as, In the same way, Also,
Similarly, Another form of, Seemed a
Just as, Of this form, However
Also Meanwhile

Terms of resistance transition

On the contrary, Nevertheless, In fact,
Rather, However, In spite of,
In fact, Even so, Unless,
Yet this, But, Instead of,

Terms of transition of connection or union

In addition, Also, And
Also, It is for that reason Also
By this/that same one Consequently In the same way

Terms of conclusion transition

As result Therefore as a result of

Terms of possibility transition

Perhaps, < Probably Surely
Almost It seems that

Terms of transition of affirmation or emphasis

Certainly Of course, Mainly
It is more

It improves your positioning using transition words SEO

Considering that Google is able to every time understand better the semantic content of your website, obviously, you must worry in having a content with sense that is simple to read and to understand.

That yes, thinks immediately afterwards first about the user and about Google, at the time of writing up your texts.

content with words transition SEO

For that reason you must from now on remember the very use of the transition words SEO in your texts, if you were not doing it already.

And it is that, if your website counts on quality content, with sense and that it is easy to read; and that, by all means, responds the intention search of the user, without doubt you will go little by little improving the positioning of your website.

You do not forget, that accounts with tools as Yoast by SEO or Rank Math SEO, among others, to help you to verify the legibility of your content.


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