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As you already know to work the SEO helps to position your website, but not only you must work the SEO on page and in off page, but also you must work the contents and create some very well good texts optimized for Google.

No longer certain number of times serves with repeating keyword main and talking back it in some certain places of your text, because Google is able to understand the semantic sense of your texts.

text optimized with dinorank

For that reason, your texts must go directed to respond to the user; this way you will receive quality traffic with which your website will be climbing in the positions of the SERPs. Of there, that is very important that you work and you realise a strategy on the optimization SEO of texts.

Texts to position in Google

In order to cause that your articles position in the finder of Google first that you must consider it is that you must give an answer query of the user and create a text in the first place for that user and therefore for Google.

Since there are saying, Google understands the semantics and the content of your texts, for that reason at the time of writing up a good text SEO you must use, in addition to keyword main, synonymous and another type of words related to the content of your text.

This way you will be creating a text with sense that it invites to the reading of the user because it is easy to read, when not being repeating one constantly or two words, that in the end what they do are to tire the reader and who leaves your website.

Adem¡s usuary, S.A. likes your content will stay it in your website and probably it will return search more information.

Certainly already you have heard that of the content is the King. Well, because use it to help to position your texts in Google.

How to make texts optimized for Google

If you are wondering yourself how the texts optimized for Google are created, you do not lose not one word than we told you next, because we give keys you so that you can create those texts optimized for Google.

wdf*df_optimizacion SfoDirect

First that we will do it will be search ours keywords since normally we do, but to improve and to optimize that text we will use the SfoDirect tool, which has an option with which to be able to improve our texts semantically.

This option is called WDF*DF and Prominence.  With her we will be able to write up a text from zero or to improve a text already written up. 

What does basically the tool in this option is the one to show to you from the keyword that you indicate to him as they are the terms better positioned in Google by means of formula WDF*DF.

This way you will know what you in your content have including and what she has your competition. From you will have to add or to clear all those key words or long there tails that you consider to optimize your text SEO and consequently, to improve the positioning of your website.

To optimize a text created with SfoDirect

This task is very simple to realise, although something tedious. Immediately you are going to understand the reason.

In order to optimize a text already created you must introduce the main keyword of your text and the URL of your website and give the button to analyze.

When the tool has realised the analysis will be in the screen a graph in which appears reflected prominence semantic and the different key words related to keyword that you indicated.

That graph will show what has the competition as in a species of block in green color and what you with a blue line have.

optimized text illustrates dinorank

All the words that are within high the average zone within the graph will be considered as correct. Whereas everything what is below the average would have to be considered to add it in the content.

Underneath the graph you will find listed all the keywords, as well as, the average in which appear, the maximum of times that are repeated, in addition to the number of times that appear in your text and the recommendation that gives the tool you, that can be the one to maintain, to increase or to fall.

In addition, the analysis that the tool realises appears differentiated in a word, two words or three words.

result keywords with dinorank

It analyzes each of these listings and each of these keywords and long tails and includes or it eliminates all those that your text needs to optimize it.

In order to improve that optimization, the tool also shows the structure to you of the contents of your competition that is within the 10 first positions of Google for that keyword.

If you want to verify how it was your text after it to have improved you will have to realise a new analysis from the home, because if you Access to the analysis that keeps the tool, this it will show the results to you without considering the changes that you did.

To create a new text optimized with SfoDirect

This task is similar to the previous one.

In this case, in addition to realising the previous search of keywords to include in the content, you will help yourself of this option of SfoDirect to study the semantics that had to contain your new text.

For it, you will only include keyword main in the finder and you will give the button to analyze directly.

search keywords optimized in dinorank

In this case the graph that will only appear will make reference to the main words and long tails that includes top 10 in Google.

Underneath the graph you will find the listing of keywords, as well as the average and the maximum of times that appear.

It analyzes along with your previous listing of keywords what you would have to include in your text.

In this case, the part of long tail, that is to say, the listing of the 2 and 3 words has more value, because it is very probable that the listing of 1 single word you already have it referenced in your previous study of keywords.

optimization text dinorank

In order to create your text of zero it can come to you very well that you have in consideration the structure of the different contents from your competition.

These, as we shelp, show to the SfoDirect tool right under the listing of key words and long to them tails.

Once you have created your text you can verify how optimized is, analyzing it again with the tool, indicating in this occasion the URL in addition to keyword main.

Also you can create your text starting off of the initial search of key words, to analyze it later and to optimize it.

Be that as it may, any option that you choose is equal of valid and good. That yes, you do not stop verifying in what optimization state SEO are your texts, because to little that you clear or years some words your text, this one will be able to win in positions. Something that obviously we want all.


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