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The importance of connected the internal SEO

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One of the actions SEO that you must realise in your website she is the one of the internal connected one. It will help you that Google visits your pages and entrances most of, at the same time as you indicate to him what is important in your Web.

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Before following we are going to explain what is the internal connected one and why it is important.

What is and what importance has the internal connected one

The internal connected one is all that one link or connection that you add within your website and that aims or directs towards another content within your own website. 

This connected type of allows the spiders of Google to go from a page to another one, letting him know to the finder that if we connected that content is because it is important and consequently it must consider it and rankear.

The internal liaisons also serve to pass and to share authority of some pages to others, helping to each other in the positioning and pagerank.

For that reason it is very important that the connections work correctly and they do not generate no error 404 that interrupts crawler of Google when it visits our Web.

And another value that you must control is the number of clicks that is needed to arrive from home at anyone the contents of your website. Whatever less clicks has far better.

For this it is very important that you structure and you organize previously your Web and that you use clusters from where to connect all the pages with related or semantic content.

It controls the internal connected one of your Web

connected internal dinorankShelp this and considering the importance that has the internal connected one to help to position all the pages of your website. It is very important that controls and you watch that all these connections work, but in addition that you know towards where they connect each of your pages, as well as from where they are connected.

When you have a relatively small project this task can be relatively simple and you could have it moderately controlled from an Excel leaf.

And tenth the one of moderately controlled because a thing is the connections that you have added within the content and very different other the connections which automatically they are generated, as for example, the connections created from the menu or bar of navigation.

These internal liaisons are also important and they are due to control, because they help in the navigation of the website.

The tool that can help you to control and to analyze all the internal liaisons that it has your Web is SfoDirect.

It understands of a look with SfoDirect how your domain connects internally

SfoDirect is a tool with multitude of functions that will help you to know and to improve the state on page of your website.

Among others functions are internal the one of connected and pagerank internal; although they are functions that the tool shows separately in its lateral menu, both intimately are related.

How the internal connected one in SfoDirect works

connected internal sight with SfoDirectFirst that you must do in the tool is to track the project, something that you will do from the button with that same name.

Once all your website has been tracked will appear a graph with which you will be able to see how she is of deep your Web and how your pages are connected to each other and home.

Underneath this graph she will appear to you listed this same information in which it will appear the title of the page, the URL and from where is connected, in addition to the number of clicks from home and the value of pagerank (that we will explain soon).

When clicar on the URL of the connection you will see a new screen, in which you have a graph with all the pages that connect it and underneath this graph you have listing, on the one hand, the incoming connections to that page and later another listing with the salient connections from that same page.

How pagerank internal in SfoDirect works

pagerank seen with SfoDirectThe option of the menu of pagerank internal will show to a graph with balls of different sizes and colors to you.

The sizes are related to pagerank of the page, at the most great is greater qualification.

The colors relate to the pages by semantics or subject.

Underneath this graph you will find listed all the pages of your Web with this same information, that is to say, the title of the page, the URL, clicks that it has from home, pagerank and its state.

If clicas on anyone of the URL that you have in the listing appears the connected screen of internal of that page.

To improve connected internal and the authority of a webpage with SfoDirect

Now that you know that they show each of these functionalities of SfoDirect, we explained to you how you can improve the internal connected one and the authority of your webpages.

This task is known it in SEO as link sculpting.

From the option of pagerank, as we shelp, you can see very easily by means of the graph which are the pages with smaller authority, because their small balls are smaller.

From there, you would have to locate that URL, to study what pages connect it and to verify if it belongs to some semantic group. If it is thus, you will be able to create connections that arrive at her from the pages of the same group which they have pagerank greater.

With this action we will be indicating to him to Google that this page is important for our Web. In addition, the major pages pagerank will be sharing him their authority and we will secure that to Google pass more times by her, making increase their authority finally and increases their positioning.

Final conclusion “ use of SfoDirect in the control and pursuit of the internal connected one

SfoDirect is very powerful an economic tool for the SEO on page and as far as the pursuit and control of connected internal you it can helpful be.

To glance of his graphs you can obtain much very valuable data and with which to soon be able to work to improve the rankeo and authority of your webpages.

Information that it does not give to ambiguities and that you can consult at any time of fast and simple way.


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