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It finds and it solves errors 404

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For a good rankeo and positioning of your Web it is very important to control the state of everything what it composes it and what happens within her (pages, images, I connect, etc.)

And it is that, one of the errors that can have your Web is the typical error 404, which takes place when it is tried to Access to some of the sites of your Web and this one no longer exists.

dinorank finds error 404

This type of page error 404 usually has a standard message of page nonfound or 404 page not found.

Although also the possibility that fits you personalize you yourself this page of error giving other options to which can Access the user trying this way to give him to an answer or option, although would not be the awaited one.

Why errors 404 take place and what consequences have

Since we have commented, this page of error 404 will appear to him to the user when it tries to Access to some of the contents of your Web and such result does not exist:

#1. Error from an external liaison

This error 404 can occur when they connect to us from an external Web and the URL badly is written or when we ourself we have eliminated that page.

This type of error is very negative for your positioning and usability Web, because he is perfectly detectable by Google from his tool Google Search Console.

#2. Elimination of a page

This error happens when previous to the elimination of the page or entrance has shared the same in different means, as social networks, in newsletter, etc.

When the user tries to Access to that information by some of those means, he shows an error to him 404.

This type of error is not so negative to eyes of Google, but concerning usability of your Web and as answer to the user.

#3. Error from an internal liaison

In this case, the error is committed within our own Web, something similar to which we commented with the error from an external liaison.

That is to say, we have been we ourself who we have introduced a URL badly written or we erased the page to which it connected without clearing previously that connection.

It solves all errors 404 with SfoDirect

These would be some of more common errors 404, but you would know how to identify them? and most important You would know how to eliminate them?

It learns here how to eliminate a URL of Google.

Both tasks are really simple to realise with the SfoDirect tool.

To find and to identify errors 404 with SfoDirect

From the lateral menu of SfoDirect you must Access to the section of Audit SEO on page and track your project.

Once the tool has tracked all your Web will appear to you a screen summarize where with a glance you will be able to do a small idea to you of the state on page of your Web.

access error 404 from dinorank

But we will center only in section that concerns to us here, that is the one of the states, to find out how many errors 404 you have in your Web.

For it, you must puncture in that button of states and underneath they will appear 3 different bellboys, from where you will be able to know URLs with error 404, those that have any type of code 3xx (301 or 302) and the errors 5xx (that corresponds to the servant errors).

If clicas in button 4XX, underneath will appear listed all the URLs that has this error. On the contrary the space will appear in target.


it shows errors 404

This way so simple and fast it is how you will know if you have errors 404 in your Web, in addition to knowing how many.

Now it is called on to find out why they have taken place to take decisions and action from correction.

To solve errors 404

Considering that errors 404, generally, are negative for the positioning of your Web, it is necessary that you take action as rapidly as possible to solve them.

And with the SfoDirect tool he is really simple to find out the reason by which they have taken place to happen to the action and to get to solve them.

For it you only must follow these simple steps:

In order to find out how and from where that error 404 is taking place you must clicar on anyone of the URLs that appears to you listed. It will appear to you a new screen in which you will be able to find out from where the URL is connected.

to find out error 404

With that information you will have to realise some of the following actions:

Error 404 from external liaison:

  • If the error corresponds to an external liaison, you will have to put to you with the Web in touch that connects to you, or to ask to him that it corrects the connection in case this is bad writing or so that it eliminates it if we erased the content of our Web.
  • If on the contrary, you cannot locate when webmaster then you will have to realise a redireccionamiento 301 with which to avoid that failure.

In both cases once you have made sure that the action is done you will have to warn Google that the error has been resolved; something that you will do from the tool Google Search Console.

Error 404 from internal liaison:

  • You would have to write the URL correctly in case you had written it badly.
  • And if it is because you erased the page or entrance, you will have then that to eliminate that connection or to change it so that it connects to another content of your Web.

This work is relatively simple because you are whom she must do it without depending on third people.

With SfoDirect each one of the URLs analyzes one to one that appears with this state and conducts the battle that better you consider for each of them.

Final conclusion “ SfoDirect Uses and eliminates errors 404

As you see, thanks to the SfoDirect Suite he is really simple to find out if you have errors 404 in your website and from where they take place to solve them the sooner and to have your website in an optimal state.

Your Web with SfoDirect audits once a month, more or less, and ten your Web in the best conditions so that it is climbing in positions. In addition to having a website with that you will offer, as much to the user as to Google, an answer without errors.


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