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Mangools Versus SfoDirect

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The varied and ample supply of tools for SEO that we have to our disposition can cause that at the time of choosing you do not know too much clearly which of them offers to you what you need to improve and to control your Web.

All does not do the same, nor all concentrate in the same; so, one is to find the most practical tool and than more is adapted to which you want, considering also the payment that can suppose.

In this article we are going to analyze Mangools and SfoDirect to establish a comparative one that can help you that is to say which is the best tool for your project.

mangools versus dinorank


mangools-logoMangools is a platform SEO founded on Slovakia and composed by five tools that analyze diverse aspects of the webpages to be able to improve their positioning in the results search of Google.

We see one by one these tools to see how you can elaborate your strategy of positioning thanks to the data that offers.


We did not exaggerate when saying that this tool of Mangools focused to the search of key words is one of the best ones than they exist at present.

Not only it looks for keywords, but it applies a difficulty score to them so that you are conscious at the time of trying to position them.

Also it offers very trustworthy key words to you long-tail that will give the information you that you need about the intention search of the user. In addition, these keyword long-tail you can provide ideas to create new content.


serps mangoolsThis tool allows you to compare of direct form the results in the searches of Google of your Web with those of your competitors. Thus, you will know with exactitude in what point you are and how much way you have ahead.

In addition, SERPChecker provides other interesting data to you about the links that appear in the searches; for example, the authority that they transmit, GIVES and PA of Moz, the own ranking of Mangools and other data of which you can extract information for your SEO still more.


If the previous tool allows to see the position you of your Web in the results of searches of Google, this one complements it, making a pursuit of its movements in the finders, so that at any moment you know if your Web raises or low in its positioning.

SERPWatcher collects these data of direct form by means of the search of keywords that the own tool of Mangools KWFinder, commented realises at the home.


Google has in consideration many aspects different from a Web to decide if it by all means raises positions in the results search or no., are not known which are all those parameters with exactitude, but we are sure that backlinks is very important.

Backlinks is the connections that aim towards your Web and although initially it can seem something positive, all those connections are not it.

LinkMiner will help us to identify which of those connections are good and which no, so that we can conduct the battles that we consider later.


to siteprofiler mangoolsOne is a tool that executes a basic analysis of any Web which you want and it informs about his level into confidence and popularity to you using parameters into Moz, Alexa Rank, Facebook and Majestic.

In addition, it will indicate to you which is the visited content more of the Web, which will be to you from utility whether you are analyzing your Web, as if you are doing it with the one of your competition.

All the information that you can obtain on the matter will serve to improve the positioning of your Web.

Another one of the functions of SiteProfiler is to find Webs similar to which you are analyzing. This can serve so much to locate new competitors to you as to find opportunities to promote your work.

Mangools has a gratuitous version demo of 10 days and soon you will have to choose one of his modalities of payment. The basic plan hill 29.90 Euros to the month.


dinorankSfoDirect is a tool created SEO everything in one in Spain with the aim of democratising the SEO, that is to say, to obtain that any person can Access to this wonderful world of the SERPs.

One of the forms to obtain is creating it a tool that is simple to use and that has an intuitive interface. In fact, and in spite of all the functionalities that SfoDirect accumulates, its handling is easy and as soon as minutes in knowing take some how it is managed.

This causes that, actually SEO can be done without other more complicated tools and of higher cost when having its same functions in SfoDirect.

Even so, more functions in the future continuing will still be gotten up improving the tool.

We see now what is what SfoDirect can do by your Web.

Tracking of positions

tracking SfoDirect positionsThis tool allows you to realise main a daily pursuit of keywords of your project so that you will obtain a file of his evolution in the results of searches.

This way, you will know if your actions are having the awaited results or, on the contrary, you must change of strategy.

Internal Pagerank

pagerank dinorankThe internal connected one between the pages of your Web has more importance of the one than you think since, with a suitable strategy of linkbuilding, you can play with the authority transmission and be able to raise the positioning of the URLs that interests to you.

With this tool you will be able to know which are that URLs that transmit more authority to be able to connect them with which they do not have as much force.

Connected internal

connected internal dinorankFollowing with the previous subject, SfoDirect helps you to plan the connected architecture of internal of your Web, not only by the authority transmission, but also to help Google to know the content our Web.

If Google takes too much time in tracking it because you have a system of internal liaisons too complicated or confused, it can get to you to penalize in the results search. For this reason, this tool helps you to create a good architecture interlinking.

SEO On Page audit

SEO onpage dinorankThanks to this tool you will be able to obtain a complete report about your Web and from the errors that could have: errors in the code, broken labels, links, etc.

In case you are a marketing agency or you work as freelance and you have clients, this tool will help you to offer a complete audit to them of its Webs.

WDF*DF and semantic prominence

semantic prominence dinorankThis tool not only analyzes the key words but also that, can make groups of keywords that are used in the same semantic context.

How you can benefit from this? Very simple.

SfoDirect offers listings to you of key words with a same context; you can take advantage of them to create new content that helps to harness those words and that make raise positions you in the SERPs.

And also you can use this same option to create new content considering these lists of keywords.


cannibalisations dinorankWithout a doubt, this function is one of most interesting than it contributes SfoDirect and it is of most difficult to find in other tools.

It consists of the detection of urls of your Web that competes by the same keyword causing that no gets to take off.

One of the tools that detect cannibalisations is Sistrix, but its price is not within reach of anyone.

With SfoDirect you will only need to synchronize the own tool with Google Search Console and in only 2 clicks you will know if you are cannibalizing some of your keywords and the pages that are affected.

Thin Content

thinContent dinorankThe Thin Content is the content of low quality, that does not solve the doubts of the user.

It does not have why to be formed a little or bad content as far as the model-making; a post can have 6,000 words, tens of quality photos and one perfect model-making and even so not give answer to the search of the user.

SfoDirect helps to locate this type you of content so that you eliminate it or the best thing; although also you can make a redirection 301 towards a post that deals with the same and well is positioned.

In any case, you will be able to put a solution and to obtain that your Web continues positioning.

SfoDirect helps to locate this type you of content so that, either you eliminate it, or the best thing, although also you can make a redirection 301 towards a post that deals with the same and or is positioned. In any case, you will be able to put a solution and to obtain that your Web continues positioning.

Connected management of external

connected external dinorankThis function works as a newspaper species where to write down all the backlinks of your Web, or is those that purchases or those that you obtain of natural form. If one of them disappears by any cause, SfoDirect will warn to you of it.

Thanks to these notes, SfoDirect will analyze the anchor text, dofollow, nofollow, urls more connected so that you can study these data and elaborate a correct strategy of linkbuilding.

SfoDirect does not count on a gratuitous version, but you can do to you with her by 19 Euros to the month in his more basic plan if you decide on the annual subscription or 25 Euros in case you prefer a monthly subscription.

Now that already you know what they offer as much Mangools to you as SfoDirect as far as the SEO of your Web, you only must decide what functions are those that interests to you more, considering also the price of each of them.


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