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How to make a fast redirection 301 and with a single click

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To execute redirections 301 is a fundamental task in the SEO. And of that we are going to speak to you here.

It learns how to make a fast redirection 301 and why you must dominate his execution in your day to day.

You accompany to Us? We begin by the basic thing.

What is a redirection 301?

redirection 301A redirection 301 is a form to redirigir a URL To a permanently another URL B.

If a webpage is moving to a new website, it can be difficult to warn of it all the usuary ones on the change and still more difficult to cause that they remember it.

A redireccionamiento 301 solves the problem when turning aside all the traffic of the old URL to the new one of automatic form. Therefore, the users who Access to the old site will arrive at the new one, although URLs is different.

You can add redirections 301 for individual pages or complete domains. You even can use it in images, for example, redirigiendo an image to the article where it is inlhelp.

Why you could need to make redirections 301?

There are many situations in which it must realise a redireccionamiento 301. These are some of the most common reasons:

  1. You are changing all your domain one new one.
  2. You wish to reorganize the pages, changing or eliminating a directory.
  3. They have connected a page of the website and have written badly the URL, generating an error 404 that there is to eliminate.
  4. Two pages are rankeando by same keyword, but one of them better is optimized and has more traffic.

We will put an example so that you see how redirections 301 work.

We suppose that your webpage has the structure of permanent connections thus: ±o/mes/dia/nombre-del-post

It is the structure that WordPress allowed and considered as beautiful more until some ago years.

Blogs as WWWhatsNew! they have this type of structure, but she is complicated to remember and in the end she is too long; for that reason shorter and friendly directions URL look for, of the type:


If you change the structure of permanent connections when you already have published pages, all those old contents will happen to become broken connections; these will generate an error 404 as well whenever a user tries to enter in one of them. Consequently, you will be giving a bad usability of your website, which could also be penalized by Google.

How you solve it? Obvious it is not practical to warn all the subscribers. These things to anybody interest to him, nor remembers them. Not to mention the service load that supposes to do it thus.

It is solved with a redirection 301: whatever it enters the structure of old URL will be redirigido immediately to the article that it looks for, but with the new structure of URL without it must do nothing.

In addition, thus also you warn the finders that your website has a new structure of permanent connections, and in this way, they transfer the SEO obtained to the new URL.

Another outstanding example of redireccionamiento 301 is the Webs that have their blog in a directory type and wish to move it to the main domain.

As you see, the situations are many that entail having to realise redirections 301.

Why are important redirections 301?

A doubt very extended is if redirections 301 affect, consequently, to the SEO and if they remain or organic nontraffic to the redirigidas pages.

The simplest answer is than if good it beams, do not have why to happen. But in the SEO there is nothing no simple, since there are no categorical answers either.

Until 2013, Google shelp that a redirection 301 lost the 15% of the SEO obtained in the previous URL; the same percentage that when one connected from a page to another one.

But the redirections do not lose anything of SEO since Google shelp that it would award to the webpages that implemented a certificate SSL.

He was Gary Illyes who shelp that to Google no longer he mattered to him from where or how he would be arrived at a website, because they would transmit all the PageRank from a page to another one.

Eye does not say all the truth here, because Google does not lie, but either and we explained ourselves.

How to avoid that redirections 301 affect to the SEO

precaution redirection 301Yes, Google does not lie: a redirection 301 does not affect to the SEO. But you must know that this is only one of the hundreds of factors that Google considers to position a page.

The problems that can have when doing this type of redirections are others and that yes they affect to the SEO. And it is that the fact to change the structure of your webpage can generate errors 404, redirections in curl, etc.

This happened to him to Wired, one of more important publications online of the world. It changed his URL to implement a SSL (of HTTP to https) and lost traffic from one day to the next.

For that reason we let some advice here to you to avoid that they affect you in your positioning:

  1. Assure to you that redirection 301 goes where must go.
  2. Sitemaps eliminates the pages redirigidas of your.
  3. It directly eliminates chains of redireccionamiento (Page Page Page 1 2 3) and redirige the final URL.
  4. It detects and it solves redirections to broken connections (Page 1 (301) > Page 2 (404)).
  5. Redirige the pages with error 404.
  6. It looks for pages with redirection 301 that they receive organic traffic and reviews if there is some error. The errors do not have to appear in the results of Google.
  7. It looks for write errors that cause that redirections 301 work bad.

If beams all this, you will not have any problem.

If you use WordPress, there is plugins that realises all this of automatic form. It is question search one that works to you and to correct of periodic form the errors that are arising.

How to make redirections 301?

to make redirection 301The objective of this guide is to explain how to create and easily fast a redirection 301, but it was necessary to understand first what is a redirection 301, how it can affect in your website and when to use it.

The traditional form to create redirections 301 is through file .htaccess, that is in the main directory of your webpage and adding a code for each redirection; but that is very tedious if you must make many redirections and requires of technical knowledge that everybody does not own.

If you use WordPress you have it easy, because as we shelp, they exist plugins that does it with a single click.

We see which are the best ones and how they work.

#1 SEO by Premium Yoast

SEO by Yoast is, perhaps, plugin of SEO more used by WordPress for years. And something that their users reproach is that the module of redirections has gone to the premium version of plugin.

This module is brilliant, because it detects any change in your website that requires a redireccionamiento and it notifies it to you asking what you wish to do: a 301 redirection or one redirection 410 (this says to him to Google that the content has been eliminated).

to the year by website has a price of 79.

#2 Rank SEO Math

This plugin is new, but it has arrived with much force at the market. The module of redirections is almost the same that the one of Yoast, but with vitamins and steroids. It is a monster.

With him you can:

  1. To detect when you need to redirigir.
  2. It has console to redirigir with a click.
  3. Redirigir pages that contain one or more words or area codes.
  4. To export or to import redirections.

He is gratuitous and of best plugins SEO de WordPress.

#3 Redirection

He is one of best plugins to create redirections 301 in WordPress. He is very simple to use. It has a console to create redireccionamientos and it shows his statistics to you.

But it does more than that, monitors all the errors 404 so that you make a redireccionamiento to another page and to solve it. Also it allows you to create a conditional redirection 301 to certain factors.

You can control all redirections, export them and do everything what you wish.

#4 Simple 301 Redirects

Many begin to make blogs in platforms of blogs of third parties, as Blogger. Spent a time, they want to give the jump and to professionalize themselves, for which they need to migrate to a car-provided with accomodations platform.

In that case, you will find that this complement is very useful, because you will be able to solve the structural problem of URLs and to establish a permanent redireccionamiento 301, of natural and simple form.

404 #5 WP Similar Redirect Car to Post

This plugin of redireccionamiento of WordPress works with common problem 404, but it has a characteristic that does remarkable.

I believe that already you have an idea of this complement reading its name. It is developed to detect the pages of error 404 of the website, and redirigirlas to more similar publications or pages.

All these actions are created by plugin of natural way. No longer you must use your time to track and to redirigir of form manual the broken connections of your website.

You must tell him to the complement what type of redirection (301 or 302) you wish. After that, plugin will become position of the rest.

Another important thing is that, if plugin does not find any publication or similar page to redirigir a broken connection, it will establish a redirection 301 to the page of home for that page 404.


Redirections 301 are elements key that you must know how to handle to maintain a good health of your website. If your site is great and with certain antiquity, you will need it still more and have to go with more care.

We have not mentioned not one line of code because it is not necessary. Plugins does the work of automatic form and you are only in charge to review that the structure and its operation are correct.


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