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Case of success using SfoDirect: BailarSonrisas

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We make SEO SfoDirecter!

Of return again with a case of calentito success.

If you have read the previous ones you will know that SfoDirect works as much for people without great knowledge in SEO that want to position their business/lies down online in Google, as for consultants and specialized agencies. As well as for those enthusiastic ones by the niches (Adsense/Amazon).

By the way, if you have not read the previous ones I leave them here.

Psicolegalmente remembers. Abrelink remembers. Sintoxicos remembers.

In this occasion the SfoDirecter of today comes arranged to much more count that a case of success, because it wants to keep awake some to us of the tricks SEO that used to position its business in Google.

That is to say, it put SfoDirect at the disposal of his I devise to remove new key words, twisting the approach and finding a unique vision in his sector.

Sincerely he is something that we like!

SfoDirect is a tool of high potential that in the suitable hands can become the sword sharpened more to defeat any competition.

Immediately than to add, inside it interviews.

After comparing it with other tools of the market, for me it is the best in relation quality-price.

Ever since use SfoDirect, I have stopped using other tools SEO since in SfoDirect I have it everything in one.

It is possible to say that the equipment of SfoDirect adds to improvements and new functionalities constantly.

We begin. What is BailarSonrisas? is membership site of dance classes. We united dance passages, with corporal movement and personal development, to work the expression and the security.

The project To dance Smiles was born in October of 2018 but it was not until the home of August of 2019 when we opened the Web and we began the strategy of pick up of traffic.

Thanks to my consulting experience as in marketing and the learned thing in courses as It shoots Your Visits and other courses of undertaking knew clearly the strategy that was going to use.

What difficulties had BailarSonrisas before home to use SfoDirect?

At the time of raising a strategy SEO I have two main rules that I want to share today with you.

These two rules, altogether, form an idea that we must record in our brain: in order to attract users a blog we must generate centered content in the potential client. Give the user what it wants, needs, or is looking for; although he does not know it and nor he is looking for it.

First rule: it uses your common sense.

According to my point of view, the common sense is very little developed in the world of the SEO. Many salesmen center their strategy in data of tools as Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. leaving of side a good piece of the pie.

We suppose that a dance school wants to position itself in Google. What would do?

A listing of words would write as School of dance in Barcelona, To learn to dance in Barcelona and later would go to the tools SEO that knows or has access; it would be put to analyze to his competition later to try to position itself.

, If it had done that, now it would have well to take to end a more aggressive strategy (normally more expensive) to surpass to the competition.

it seems to me a madness.

Then, how I can use the sense common to avoid to make just like my competition?

I usually compare the world offline with the online one. I visualize a school of dance with the dirty reception, doors that are not opened, with shelves badly placed, the ground of color fuchsia and the green walls.

What would make people when entering? To be scared at least. The same happens with a webpage.

A Web is not more than a digital representation of a physical store. For that reason it is so important to work the architecture of your webpage well and to cause long before that he is nice for the users, that to begin to write articles.

Why you chose SfoDirect?

The SfoDirect tool only has a section destined to it and, after comparing it with other tools of the market, for me it is the best in relation quality-price.

In fact, since use SfoDirect, as much in my projects as in those of my clients, I have stopped using other tools SEO since in SfoDirect I have it everything in one.

How you used SfoDirect?

I began optimizing basic of an audit the SEO:

  • Times of page.
  • Broken connections.
  • Maximum depth 3 clicks.
  • Titles, H1 and metadescriptions.

First that I did it was to connect SfoDirect with the accounts of Analytics and Search Console (one takes control of a simple button). After integration it was called on to track the project.

Once finalized we have to our disposition a board similar to this where we will be able to see what points suggest to us to improve:

*Cabe to say that the equipment of SfoDirect adds to improvements and new functionalities constantly.

What I did later was to try to clean all warning to be able to have a Web worthy to receive traffic.

At the time of developing the publishing calendar To dance Smiles I saw that he would be complicated to position to me quickly to learn to dance from house reason why keywords that I used they were: congresses of dance, sauce congresses, congresses of bachata

That way not only it attracted users interested in the world of the dance but also segmented, within that sector, to clients who look for a product of elevated ticket the more.

Note: a dance congress costs per person between 100 and 400 Euros of average.

Nota2: I recommend to you to use the section of Keyword research of SfoDirect to see the volume of traffic of these kw's.

So that you can talk back in your business or project just like I made to position with SfoDirect, here I leave three points you that you must always consider:

  • What makes your ideal client before consuming your product.
  • What makes your ideal client while it consumes your product.
  • What makes your ideal client after consuming your product.

Once you know clearly who is your ideal client and how it is related to your product you will be able to offer to him contained useful differentiating to you from the competition.

In fact, I would like to share a trick with you who connects the three previous points with the discovery of new key words using SfoDirect. And it is that considering what makes my client before, during, and later, I analyze the SERPS to find blogs related to my thematic one but that are not direct competition of my product.

Then, I add to these blogs within the section Visibility and analyze the listing of kw's by which they are positioned and, thanks to data as volume, position or competition that give back SfoDirect to me, I decide if they are interesting key words to add or no.

I put a real example to you:

In order to find a competitor I put in Google a main keyword sauce classes online, I analyze the content of each one of the results and select the rival who generates more direct competition.

I copy the domain, I open to SfoDirect > Visibility, I stick the domain and I click in analyzing.

In the list of kw's I select those queries that I can satisfy and contribute quality traffic (It shoots Your Visits has a class that explains in detail this procedure).

In order to choose a keyword me center, mainly, in three factors:

  • I can satisfy the search with the user.
  • I am able to generate excellent content.
  • It has an interesting volume of searches or is potentially interesting.
  • It has lower middle competition.

Once selected I go to SfoDirect > Tracking of positions and I add them to the listing of keywords. A trick that you can apply is to open the tool in another eyelash and you copy/you stick each.

This exercise you can be it were constant form in the time to be finding new key words.

What impact has had the use of SfoDirect in the traffic and the sales?

At the moment membership is in a phase of growth (we sent 2 months ago) in which we are 4 partners key.

As far as the SEO I am generating contained through publications of the blog in which treatment to position key words long tail of low competition.

Once profit to more down arrive at first or second page me center in another group of key words located in the SERPs, at the same time as I am analyzing competition and discovering new key words.

Thus it is as it would be the graph before putting in practice all the described one:

Thus it is how it would be applied once:

You would recommend SfoDirect?

Totally! To use SfoDirect has allowed to stop paying other tools me more expensive than in the end they were not as complete as this.



Ah, finally to be thankful to you to arrive up to here and to read all the article. It is written with affection to generate abundance in the community.

A greeting!

Equipment To dance Smiles.


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  1. He walks! He did not know that now SfoDirect has blog! I like much the idea to share cases of success of projects using Dinonrank. The truth is that what you comment of the architecture Web is very important and there dinorank with its functions of pagerank internal and connected internal is a great help. For me the best thing of SfoDirect is the simplicity with which it groups the crucial functions for SEO.

    Greetings family

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