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Best plugins of Sitemap for WordPress gratuitous

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To optimize the organic traffic search is a vital task for whatever it administers a website; reason why, any thing that is in your hands to facilitate that the web search engines find your content, must be a priority.

To maintain sitemaps for WordPress organized well is one of the forms simplest to guarantee than, as much the new content as the old one, can be found easily.

plugin sitemap for wordpress

Google recommends the shipment of sitemaps; and thanks to the tools that create them, never he was so easy and so fast to form sitemaps without needing having technical knowledge.

In this article, we will see how create sitemap through a best selection of plugins of sitemap for WordPress.

But before, we are going to clarify some basic aspects.

What is plugin of sitemap for WordPress?

sitemapIf you are approaching the subject of the maps of site or sitemaps for the first time, perhaps you do not know why they are useful and why they are recommendable to use them.

Sitemap was introduced in 2005 by Google, with the endorsement of Microsoft and Yahoo shortly after.

The site maps play a role very important to help the web search engines to track a website in their totality and, therefore, to index better the content.

The basic idea is simple: sitemap must contain all the URLs of your Web that really you consider important and you want to index along with the associated data, as the date in which the content modified for the last time, the frequency with which changes the content and if priority to a URL is due to give in particular on another one.

You can create sitemap for each type of content available in a Web: posts, pages, categories, images, videos, etc.

Google is sufficiently intelligent as understanding your content by itself, but to maintain sitemaps organized well causes that he is much more fast and easy web search engines to analyze them and to index all your content.

In addition, they serve to notify to the finders when your content undergoes some change. For that reason it is important to have sitemap updated and ordered.

The map of the possible simplest site is a XML document, that enumerates all the URLs to rake. By all means, you could create this by hand, but he is better to leave this work into the hands of automated tools if you do not have a minimum of technical knowledge.

If you wish to deepen a little more in the technical aspects of the site maps, it consults the official pages of sitemap of Google.

As you can imagine, plugin to generate sitemaps is a block of code that facilitates the creation of these maps, making agile therefore the process of its creation.

5 Plugins to create sitemap in WordPress

Given the importance of sitemaps in the indexing of a website by the web search engines, he is not surprising that plugins of SEO more popular for WordPress lies down to include the option to generate them of automatic way.

But also there is plugins specific that only does that and for many SEOs they are most recommendable; although it is still a question of pleasures.

Here you have best plugins to generate sitemaps.


yoast by SEO sitemapWith more of million active facilities and one valuation of 4,5 stars, Yoast more popular SEO continues being one of plugins of SEO in Internet.

One is plugin of SEO that has been several years in repositorio of WordPress and that Joost de Valk created.

To create maps of XML site with Yoast could not be simpler. It is only question to mark a square.

In addition, plugin can notify so much to the Console search of Google as the Tools for webmasters of Bing, on the changes of the map of the site so that they are easily (you will have to be registered with these services to qualify this option).

Also it can include images of your publications and pages in sitemap, which help to that the visual content also has its dose of importance in the web search engines.

In addition, it has options to control how the categories, labels and other taxonomies are handled.

Generally, it is difficult to criticize to Yoast SEO, or by its general options of SEO or their characteristics of sitemap. The only problem is that it can less be a little overwhelming for the users technicians.

#2 All in One SEO Pack

all-in-one-SEO sitemapAnother very popular option in general actions of SEO. The Package of SEO All in One also has more of a million facilities with a general qualification of 4,4 stars.

Although he is something simpler in his implementation and a little less complete, this plugin is a competing solid of Yoast SEO.

With this plugin a map of the XML site of automatic and invisible way for the user is created; and also it sends notifications to Google and Bing.

It is possible to emphasize that this plugin counts on a series of squares of verification in the main page of configuration that allow to include or to exclude not only the types from publications and taxonomies, but also the categories, the archives of dates and the pages of authors.

Plugin also allows to establish the priority and the frequency of update of publications, taxonomies and the main page of the website.

And another curiosity on which it tells to All in One SEO is that it can include pages that are not of WordPress in the map of the site. These directions URL will be added to the list from the end.

#3 Google XML Sitemaps

google xml sitemapOne is a slight but powerful option to generate of automatic way sitemaps and to notify to the web search engines when they are updated.

It has options of configuration simple to include or to exclude archives from date (for specific years and months), authors, categories and labels in the map of the generated site. The specific pages can also be excluded by YOU GO.

This plugin is one of the few that provide sitemaps in cache (in the folder wp-content/sitemaps) and uses a reescritura rule to direct the web search engines.

Where this plugin difference of the rest is in the use of real data of the website to assign to the frequency of the updates and the weight of the URL.

In addition, the complement determines the amount of pages of blog, category and label in your site, so that the map of the site works with customized chains of consultation or others well plugins that also use that information.

#4 Simple WP Sitemap

Simple WP SitemapSimple Wp Sitemap is plugin of sitemaps that generates a map in format XML and HTML. Both maps of the site are updated whenever you publish an article or a page. What means that always they are updated and that you only must install and activate plugin once.

Simple WP Sitemap also has the option to add pages to the site maps that do not comprise of their original site of WordPress.

For example, if you create a small file HTML, it loads in its servant and you wish that it is included in them, is made easily.

Also it can block pages that you do not wish that they are included.

#5 Jetpack

jetpack sitemapIf you already have plugin activated and in execution, only assure to you to be using the last version of Jetpack. In the last updates, the equipment of Automattic added the function to create sitemap in this plugin.

In order to activate it, it sees Jetpack> Configuraci³n> Commitment and it looks for the module, it sees Sitemaps and only activates it.

Unlike others plugins of sitemaps for WordPress, is not necessary here to form nothing. This is a limitation for great sites of WordPress, but it does not stop a new blog or of medium size.

You do not need to form nothing and you will only have to send sitemap to the web search engines.

The negative part is that everything is plugin in one that occupy and the very many weight and can slow down your Web. So, itself you are going to use it to create sitemap, we in your place we would not install it.

Which you would have to use?

Sitemaps is a classic example of the amount of time and effort that plugins saves us to which we used WordPress.

As much in terms of initial configuration of the map of the site, as of the continuous update; the use of plugin that does this by us is fundamental.

Any option that helps the web search engines to index your websites of more effective way, is something that you would have to implement, especially if you can automate the process.

By all means, each website is different and is very difficult that here we can tell you which is best plugin of sitemaps for WordPress. Basically, the election will depend on the type of contents, your resources and your preferences.

To many users they do not like sitemaps that it generates Yoast, for example, and install some plugin that only concentrates in creating maps of the site, although that supposes to install two plugins.

Really, test and experiments until finding the one that you like more.


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