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Case of success using SfoDirect: Sintoxicos

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We make SEO SfoDirecter!

Again this way to bring a new case to you of success.

Previously already we have seen as SfoDirect is a knife multipurpose that as much is used for consultants SEO as for nascent which they only wish to cause that its business online works.

Psicolegalmente remembers. Abrelink remembers.

In this occasion the harvest of 2019 brings us to a SfoDirecter that could well be anyone of vosotr@s. A person with a professional activity very moved away of Internet that has put completely in the SEO and that now, thanks to SfoDirect, has a constant source of income from Amazon.

And she is that it is not necessary to forget that SfoDirect is born from two nicheras souls: Dean and Gabriel, Gabriel and Dean; that they wanted to democratise the market of the tools SEO offering a complete Suite to a reduced price.

Thus they offered a solution to that nichero universe that they or know that SEO as Ahrefs or Sistrix could not be allowed the cost of tools.

The equation was solved with the launching of SfoDirect, a SEO Todo tool in One with which to remove much benefit from the small entrance. Valid even for the smaller Amazon/Adsense niches.

This is history that I bring today. Somebody that began of zero and that found in SfoDirect the perfect fellow traveller to continue growing.

SfoDirect was a qualitative jump, a flexion point. Before it went lost and giving some woods of blind person.

With the option of WDF DF I emplaced first for several key words.

We begin. What is Sintoxicos? is a Web to conscienciar to that people stop consuming products with toxic components.

What difficulties had Sintoxicos before home to use SfoDirect?

By that one time it had realised, not without hardships due to the little technical knowledge that it had, my personal Web (I am musical). Economically it was not good stage for me so I decided to put to me with the Webs more and began mounting an ecological product store online. It was with Prestashop.

And the truth that was very tedious; in addition to the dependency of third parties to finish it (import of thousands of products on the part of the supplier that was no form to complete etc), so this stagnated.

A day, and by chance, seeing videos of Youtube, I gave with a certain Romuald Fons (it did not know who was, nor it knew anybody the world SEO) and its famous video of the TSA. It painted it easy, he was likeable, charismatic and it motivated to me. They gave desire me to prove that.

Soon I saw that he was not everything so easy but already had begun to buy domains and to make Webs, with anxiety and haste.

It was an error pto ensar that the things become fast and easy when one is new. This is not fast nor easy (at least when you do not know). And it requires of much work.

It was a learning stage, in that I constantly learned with tests of test and error, committing many failures that served me to learn.

Why you chose SfoDirect?

They recommended to Dean Rosemary to me and after reading some of its post in Blogger3cero and seeing some video, it convinced to me. I bought the course Shoots to your visits in January the 2019 and SfoDirect tool in February of 2019.

How you used SfoDirect?

With SfoDirect it had the possibility of measuring and of improving many factors:

  • Internal Pagerank.
  • To detect thin content.
  • Cannibalisations.
  • Search and to improve keywords to work.
  • To optimize the content thanks to option WDF*DF and prominence.

I expressed the tool with the commented options and the work bore its fruits.

Concretely with the option of WDF DF I emplaced first for several key words. Super effective.

What impact has had the use of SfoDirect in the traffic and the sales?

They began to raise the visits and to position more keywords and thus was as the first sales with Amazon arrived, that continue growing every month.

Attached screenshot from the 1 of March, that is when something began to position itself:

With tracking of positions of SfoDirect it is possible to be observed clearly since they have gone away increased the number of keywords in the Web and how has changed his distribution in the Search Console de Google, happening to have many keywords positioned in page and 9 it are positioned themselves on the front page, second or third of Google.

You would recommend SfoDirect?

To buy SfoDirect was a qualitative jump, a flexion point. Before it went lost and giving some woods of blind person.

My work with the Webs happened to be very productive and in addition that animated to me to continue working in that line.



At present in addition to continuing improving the Web, I am working other Webs that are also being optimized with SfoDirect and I am having benefits.


6 Commentaries

  1. Motivating, yes Sir.

    And wonderful and useful Web. It did not know it. Other than goes to favorites.

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Thank you very much Carlos!

      We want to offer to the reader contained useful on SEO as well as to share some of the successes of our clients when using our tool SEO. If you cheer up to try SfoDirect already you will tell ˜‰ us

      A hug.

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Hello Alpaca,

      SfoDirect is an own software reason why it works as much for WordPress as for Prestashop or Magento (it serves for any type of webpage and model of digital business). SfoDirect is an analysis tool SEO that allows to see you what is/bad well in your website and how to solve it.

      In addition, unlike plugins that WordPress for the SEO offers, in Prestashop the modules SEO are few and not very good reason why for using SfoDirect next to Prestashop he is almost must.

      A hug!

  2. Hello Edu
    Thank you very much by your answer, excuse that takes advantage of this message to do another consultation to you
    Because it leaves this to me? in some eyelashes
    The home of session with Google in this application has been disqualified temporarily
    because it is free during some days and when he is of payment or he works or because I (if I have synchronous analytics and search console) do not have it or?

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Good Alpaca,

      It costs to me to locate to me. In what eyelashes it appears this message within SfoDirect? If you talk about to Google Analytics perhaps or to Search Console it is because there are lost the accesses in origin and must return to synchronize them.

      Anyway in SfoDirect we offer a service of support to our users. For any doubt you can contact with him from the same platform.

      You already say ™ to me

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