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Mangools Versus Ahrefs

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If you have a webpage, or personal or of business, you will know that the SEO is a fundamental pillar so that your project is successful and arrives at the people who you are looking for.

For it, at present you have to your disposition an ample fan of tools and platforms SEO that to you functions offer so that you can improve the positioning of your Web in the results of the searches of Google.

mangools versus ahrefs

This supposes to be before a pile of options to choose and can become an authentic headache. For that reason, we are going to speak to you of two of more complete the tools SEO of the market to facilitate your decision.


mangools-logoMangools is a platform composed by five tools that form the perfect alliance so that the positioning of your webpage raises as the foam in the results of searches of Google.

Taking the data that to you Mangools offers and working with them, you will be able to improve the position of your Web in the SERPs de Google.


Keywords mangoolsMangools and its KWFinder tool show some of best metric of key words of the moment. It provides exact data to you search with new details that will help to find keywords you your project and to create content.

It allows you to see which are the key words by which they position your competitors and keeps the file from your own advances so that you know at any moment what it is happening with keywords in your Web.


serps mangoolsThanks to this function you will be able to sail by the SERPs and to analyze the results search, as much of your projects as to know what is happening with the Webs of the competition.

It is a direct and complete analysis about the movement of your Web in the results search that allows to also see your progress you but the one of the others. Thus you will be able to evaluate of a realistic form the work that you are doing.


to siteprofiler mangoolsWith this analyzer of sites you can see until the last bend of the Webs of the competition including his backlinks, his key words and their more valuable content so that you compare his strategy with yours.

By all means, you would have to also use it for your own Web.

You can also analyze the popularity of any Web that you want, on the basis of the metric ones of Moz, his authority or the times that their URLs have been shared in the social networks as Facebook.


to linkminer mangoolsThis tool is very practical since it analyzes backlinks of detailed way. You can know what quality pages connect to you providing authority to you, but also from where those obtain your competitors backlinks.

Of this form, you will be able to create a species of list of desires with the Webs of which you want backlinks to begin to work in it. It remembers that you can learn much than makes the competition.

Mangools makes your available a gratuitous test of ten days and later, you can choose between his different plans from prices. Most basic it has a cost of 29.90 Euros to the month; reason why it is quite economic for the majority of the pockets.

It is a tool focused to bloggers and people who are home to move in the world of the SEO, although does not mean that a more professional use cannot be given him.


ahrefs-logoAhrefs is one of the tools SEO of reference and of which everybody has heard speak of a form or another one. It is focused to backlinks and in addition, recently has incorporated also the analysis of key words, reason why it is more complete.

Although, generally, usually we concentrate in the content and in the key words, the certain thing is that the strategy of linkbuilding of a Web can get to be determining for the positioning Web. Here it is where it solves the Ahrefs life to you.

When you begin the analysis of a project in Ahrefs you must indicate the key words with which you are wanted to position; although the own tool also indicates to you which are keywords that you have positioned then.

In this analysis you can add your competitors, as much to whom Ahrefs on the basis of the key words by which you compete, as a proposes to you all those that you consider your competition direct.

Once you have formed your projects, these appear in the main screen whenever you Access to Ahrefs and thus you can see his score, backlinks, the organic traffic and of payment and keywords by which they are being positioned.

Site Explorer

links - ahrefsWith this tool you can analyze the Webs of all projects, in addition to the Webs that you want to explore of precise form without needing having to add them to the projects of which we spoke before.

The data that you find here will serve you to verify how the traffic is moving towards your Web or the Web that you had introduced (it remembers that he is useful to see what your competitors are doing so that they do not go ahead).

You obtain details about the organic traffic as, for example, which are URLs with more visits, what key words are those that canalize this traffic most of or since countries you receive the visits.

A very peculiar function of Ahrefs is Top Content; it consists as much of a listing of the contents of your Web that have shared more, in social networks as by means of links; this way and of a single look you know which are your more popular pages (or those of your competition).

Rank Tracker

rank ahrefsThis function focuses of direct form in the visualization of the state of the key words of your project and it allows you to see how it is his evolution so that you know how they are being positioned.

The information that Ahrefs offers to you of each keyword is vital to be able to undertake action with respect to the positioning. You can see a file of positions, if he appears in some backlink and which is the main keyword of the URL in which he appears keyword that you are analyzing.

Keywords Explorer

keywords ahrefs

Ahrefs marks the difference with its finder of key words since it is not limited Google, but extends its analysis towards sites as Amazon or Yahoo.

The case of Amazon is very important for those who affiliation niches work, since the results can differ to those from Google.

Content Explorer

content to explorer ahrefsThe information that offers this tool is related of direct form to the content. Once you have written it, it indicates to you how many backlinks you could obtain, what organic traffic you can wait for and, generally, the expectations of success as far as the SEO.

But Ahrefs has many other functions that are those that has turned to him into a reference tool; one of them is its system of alert, so that when some change in the position of a keyword takes place, Ahrefs warns to you.

It has a version of test of 7 days by 7 dollars. From there, its basic plan has a cost of 99 dollars.

The third option: SfoDirect

We are going to finish this post with a fast review about our tool, that although takes just a short time in the market, promises to become an essential platform for all those that want to take care of and to work the SEO of their projects.

dinorankOne is SfoDirect, a tool everything in one for SEO and that reunites the functions of several platforms; that yes, to a price within reach of all, thus fulfilling its principle supported in the democratization of the SEO.

In fact, it is focused to whatever it tries to improve the positioning of his webpage, is blogger that it finishes entering this world or of an agency of marketing that handles several projects at the same time.

SfoDirect functions

SfoDirect thinContent-cannibalisationsSfoDirect incorporates functions that have other tools so that you have everything what you need in a single platform. In addition, it includes other functionalities that contribute new features as the possibility of detecting Canibalizaciones or Thin Content.

In spite of which it can seem, SfoDirect is not a complicated tool. Their interface and its menus are very intuitive and it is not necessary to read guides nor manuals to begin to handle it from the home.

Although also it is possible to say that within each module you will find an explanatory tutorial video so that you can remove the maximum benefit to him.

connected internal-external SfoDirectSfoDirect shows in one of its functions the internal links, that is to say, shows to the architecture of your Web and the possible failures that could have in her and who is perhaps harming to you.

In addition to counting on another function to help you to manage the external liaisons.

semantic prominence dinorankBy all means, also it analyzes the keywords until the point to realise a semantic report of prominence. Thanks to this tool you will be able step by step to create new content by means of the key words that SfoDirect is going to you to provide, being based on which already is being used in TOP 10 of Google.

SEO onpage dinorankAnother very interesting function is the possibility of obtaining a SEO On Page audit of your Web. He will be very useful to be able to have to you all the data of your Web in an only place in which to be able to verify what you are doing well and what you would have to modify.

This function allows you in addition to unload a file to you pdf in which all the information appears collection of the realised audit. Document that you will be able to give to your client to show the state to him of his website and to propose the possible improvements to him, in case of being a marketing agency “ freelance SEO or.

Although SfoDirect is a still more complete tool, because it also has functions to know pagerank, the organic traffic and the visibility.

And all this by a really economic price To what delays to prove SfoDirect and to make fly your projects?


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