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Case of success using SfoDirect: abrelink

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We make SEO SfoDirecter!

Good What seemed to you the case of success of Psicolegalmente?

You already know that if you want to grow fast and to low cost perhaps as they are moment for giving an opportunity to SfoDirect, it seems to you? If you are constant you will be successful. We see it every day.

And speaking of success, if you are consulting SEO or you try to be it, this history is for you.

If in the first case of success we saw as people who did not know anything of SEO worked and learned with SfoDirect (the tool offers tutorial SEO in video to guide you in its use) and significantly increased their traffic and its sales, today I bring the opposite case; people who yes know much of SEO using SfoDirect to position themselves.

And it is that SfoDirect is apt for anyone, from the neophyte to the expert. It is easy to learn to use it and to work until expressing it. In SfoDirect we listened the community and we strived in offering what needs to a reasonable price for everybody.

Immediately, I leave you with a new case of success, today leaves to count its Abrelink history, agency of digital marketing that makes and offers SEO.

In the interview you will read

In the small things it is where we saw that SfoDirect worked better than other tools SEO.

To control the PageRank, the depth of click and the internal connected one A facet of very important SEO On-Page that they do not offer other more based tools in the market.

This API is very well for taking a control of your link procases out, trying to avoid to incur artificial landlords of connections.

We begin. What is Abrelink?

We are an agency of publicity, marketing online, design Web and SEO in Bilbao. Our Web is

Why you chose SfoDirect?

We knew of the existence of SfoDirect at the same moment of his creation, since for years we followed Dean Rosemary in Twitter; and also we are assiduous readers of Blogger 3.0.

The exit from SfoDirect to the market agreed with that at that time our Money Site was in a very delicate situation; it suffered a loss of organic visibility that was harming to us.

So with the aim of recovering that domain we decided to give an opportunity to SfoDirect, a new All tool In One SEO to a price than more reasonable. We decide to contract it and to try.

How you used SfoDirect?

We use SfoDirect on a daily basis to trackear our key words and those of our clients, and a commented functionality probably less than we considered very useful is the Management of the external connected one, that we used to monitor backlinks of quality which we are obtaining.

He is very useful to know what exact percentage of anchoring name brand and keyword you are using, how many they are dofollow and nofollow and, not less important, to assure to you that those connections to you do not clear without you to give them you account.

SfoDirect for of spy and has been warning to you. As this API jumps in view, is very well for taking a control of your link procases out, trying to avoid to incur artificial landlords of connections.

In addition also we took to end the following tasks:

  • Migration and architecture of the new Web abrelink.
  • We increase the organic visibility of the Web.
  • We manage external connected ours.

I want to enter a little the detail of each point since in the small things it is where we saw that SfoDirect worked better than other tools SEO.

In the equipment we were determined to make a migration “ a process that generates restlessness enough and not little uncertainty until the most undergone of a the SEOs, came brilliant to tell to us on this tool.

For which SfoDirect and not any other? Because one of our main problems had been the architecture Web, and we knew that it counted on some very advanced modules to control the distribution of the PageRank, the depth of click and the internal connected one.

We go, right what we needed more, a facet of very important SEO On-Page that they do not offer others of the seated tools more in the market.

In parallel, and thanks to its powerful and intuitive graphs, we could create much more agreed internal connecting to which we tried, since previously us he had become chaotic.

In the process also we detected and we eliminated many URLs thin content, mainly articles of the Blog, tags and categories; purifying the architecture to the maximum.

Also, we corrected some cannibalisations of key words of which ©ramos not even conscious that they existed.

As it is possible to be observed in this graph, now URLs is grouped in clºsters semantic of more logical form and ordinate (before he was everything much more dispersed).

It is fundamental to help Googlebot to understand the structure of our website indicating to him who are the URLs to which it must dedicate estimated major of tracking.

Also we used much his tool of keyword research and the WDF*DF and semantic prominence in our strategy of marketing of contents.

What impact has had the use of SfoDirect in the traffic and the sales?

The most visible result is than before using SfoDirect Google it did not show any sitelink for our search name brand, whereas now they leave up to 6 URLs with some the main services that interest to us to emphasize.

Although the normal thing with a migration is to wait for months before seeing results, the certain thing is that soon after our Web began to take off, happening of a minimum registry of 8 to a maximum of 121 daily sessions.

By all means, the improvement also noticed in the ranking of the SERPs. Before use SfoDirect as soon as we had 3 URLs rankeando in Top 10 for our main keywords transactional, whereas now we have 10 and three in Top 1.

Practically all the Keywords has raised and follows the rise.

You would recommend SfoDirect?

The truth is that SfoDirect is a very powerful tool, since every so often time they are implemented extra functionalities that continue helping the optimization of the websites.



In short, in Abrelink very we are satisfied with SfoDirect, and we thought to continue using it in our campaigns of Marketing Online, as much for our own Web as for the Webs of our clients and to continue growing since one has become until now.


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  1. I also use the tool and the truth that very happy. A doubt In relation to thin content, you have eliminated the content, you have redirected it or you have put him only noindex? I know that in the tool they explain it with a video, but am not safe of what doing. Thanks! And congratulations!

  2. Thanks, Luisa. The majority of URLs thin content I eliminated them directly, since as soon as they received traffic nor had backlinks. In these cases he is better take drastic measure. In other cases, when it had some post with a similar content and better positioned, I redirected them and I fused the content of both. In the end I reduced the URLs from my website to half or thus. If happened a time than more prudential, a nonrankea URL and you think that you are not going to be able to raise it (by the difficulty of the competition or reason why is), creates to me, is better to eliminate it. The one of the goal robots noindex I do not recommend it to you, because if it takes time and already is indexed, is not going to serve to you don't mention it. Ah, and mainly, takes care of the internal connected one. The post is very well for deriving traffic to the transactional pages. I hope to have helped to you. Greetings.

    • Since I made a migration, it did not need to me to put a code of status or answer of the servant. A migration is an excellent occasion to modify the architecture Web. But now thin would want to eliminate a URL content, first that would do would be desindexarla from Google Search Console (in principle, it is only eliminated temporarily, but it is being connected neither from within nor from outside, will finish disappearing absolutely). Perhaps also it would put 410 to him, although surely Google is going it to try just as if outside 404. Greetings.

  3. We use dinorank for several projects and is a tool that already has become essential for us.
    Not yet we are removing all the party to him that I am certainly has but for me, everything are praises, until the price seems to me very reasonable.

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      That was the objective, to do it essential and accessible to everybody ™

      Thank you very much!

  4. Gracias Edu

    It is always good for knowing the experience these new tools

    And the recommendation is far better coming from a SEO so experienced as your

    Greetings from Caracas

  5. Very interesting. The truth is that the connected section of external had not proven it, did not know how it worked right now I finish adding some connections that I have of post as guest. ™

    Generally he is to me from enough help, and the clients remain quite flipados when them step the information, enchants to me that functionality has been created, saves a pile of time! ™

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Hello Taisa,

      To monitor the external connected one from SfoDirect is one enjoyed. Before it had to make a fast tracking with Ahrefs and although it does not seem it, clears time to you. Now with himself the connection, I raise it SfoDirect and I forget to me. When I need to look in what state is I do not take nor 1 minute. He is brilliant.

      Yes, the information are brilliant! He is something that as consulting I asked from almost his launching. For that we worked with clients is a basic function the power to make reports with the tool. ™

      And soon there will be new improvements!

      A greeting.

  6. SfoDirect is an excellent tool. We used it for all our projects and we saved a pile of money in other tools since dinorank has it everything.

    To follow for ahead small.

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Thank you very much Jose! ™

      SfoDirect continues evolving. We are working in something very powerful, when being inside you are not going it to you to lose ˜‰

      A hug.

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