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How we multiplied the traffic using SfoDirect? “ Case of success

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We make SEO SfoDirecter!

Whether you knew us before as if you have never heard speak of us, if you need to work the SEO of your webpage (or your clients), this information interests to you. It follows connected.

Still 1 year ago we sent SfoDirect and you know. , we did it with the ambition of which not outside a tool SEO more. to offer to the community SEO the door and the key to achieve the digital success by means of Google.

Many people attended the launching of SfoDirect in background; others believed from the home in the potential of our tool. Today we initiated a section in which we will speak of them. Of the success that has obtained in their projects and businesses using SfoDirect.

When we have good experiences we are more prone to share them with our close friends. to tell the world that this works, that is not broken, that is delicious, that is clean We feel that it is worth the trouble to share our experience because will help to other people in its way.

Our SfoDirecters (it forms affectionate to refer to us to those who use our tool) wants to do it. They want to share his experience with you and we, been thankful, want to put the loudspeaker.

So without more introductions I leave you with the case of success of Psicolegalmente, in which he narrates himself in first person (by the same client) how it has been his experience with SfoDirect and the positive impact that he has had for his business.

In the interview you will read

The cannibalisations are a very powerful section to improve that SfoDirect only allows (that I know) and that of another way it is not possible to be located.

To see the press means traffic has served to us to save money to us in platforms of purchase of connections; then we thought that they had more traffic of the one than really it was.

We had an important growth of the visits to the Web, calls of telephone, emails, etc. All this has produced many more clients and more work than is what it looked for.

We have not realised any publicity only the organic work of SEO, with few connections.

We begin. What is Psicolegalmente?

The past year my companions opened Psicolegalmente (, an office of Forensic Psychology in Madrid.

A forensic psychologist realises expert psychological information for very specific judicial processes: valuation of a guard and guards, evaluation of the harassment labor, judicial incapacity, psychological battering

What difficulties had psicolegalmente before home to use SfoDirect?

Good, to find clients he is more complicated than in other businesses because all the judgments do not require of this type of services. In addition, due to the nature of the project, I could not on Facebook make publicity or Instagram by not being able to segment the type of hearing that I look for by those channels.

Our potential clients need precise services. For that reason the SEO was an option from the home; as well as to resort to SEM.

Another principle: we could not invest much money in buying connections.

Why you chose SfoDirect?

At the outset we did not know anything of SEO so at the home of 2019 we began with the learning; in the month of June we decided that it was hour to use tools payment SEO.

Then the clients arrived with dropper and there was not much budget to invest in great tools as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Sixtrix, SEOlyze. ; nor nothing similar.

We needed a whole in one and SfoDirect fitted perfectly with our needs. As SEO suite, it offered everything what we needed to the best price.

How you used SfoDirect?

From the month of June to nowadays, we are using it SfoDirect to identify and to improve:

  • We make audits that have allowed us to correct different errors that we did not know and they escaped to us: to see urls slow, to improve the architecture of the Web, etc.
  • Tracking of the Keywords to see how they are working really.
  • To use analysis WDF DF to raise the structure of articles and to optimize already existing contents more improving the position of keywords and adding to position.
  • To realise the Keywords research later to realise good contents.
  • To eliminate cannibalisations that we did not know that they existed.
  • We manage the connections so that we can see the distribution follow/no follow and anchors test (texts anchors) that we have, etc.
  • We can analyze the visibility that the competition has, as well as blogs that have proposed us collaborations and a fundamental aspect; to see the press means traffic has served to us to save money to us in platforms of purchase of connections; then we thought that they had more traffic of the one than really it was.

With these works we have removed much yield to SfoDirect.

What impact to had the use of SfoDirect in the traffic and the sales?

Then in an important growth of the visits to the Web, calls of telephone, emails, etc. All this has produced many more clients and more work than is what it looked for.

We are going to put some practical examples so that the evolution is observed:

With the tool Search Console de Google it is possible to be observed how a brutal increase in the traffic of the Web has been experienced.

Of not having anything of traffic almost, to tips of 120 daily clicks in so just a short time. Being a very specific business.

We have not realised any publicity only the organic work of SEO, with few connections.

And that we are competing in Google against offices of lawyers by far estimated for marketing and contents.

Google Analytics

In the Analytics a continuous increase of the sessions and users can be observed. Since we have commented, our strategy is focused clients who need precise services. We can see how the sessions have been distributed, that are almost all new visits, that is what it interests to us.

Evolution of the distribution in the ranking of SfoDirect

Something that seemed to us very interesting of SfoDirect is that it allows to observe the distribution of tracking of positions of keywords in the SERPs.

In the following image an example of the evolution can be seen of when the work (month of June) at the present moment was begun.

It is possible to be observed clearly since have gone away increased the number of keywords in the Web and since it has changed his distribution in the Search de Google, happening to have many keywords positioned in page and 9 it are positioned themselves on the front page, second or third of Google.


You would recommend SfoDirect?

In our opinion, whether you manage niches as if you have an own business or you manage the strategy online of some SME, SfoDirect is your tool.

With regard to the SEO, often we lie down to complicate the life to us more of the account, and one forgets that 80% of the results come to have well strengthened 20% of the factors SEO.

  • The good SEO On Page.
  • A good content.
  • Connections (in our opinion and following each case this can acquire less importance of the one than it occurs him at present).

If you do not need it, you are not spent a dineral in tools. Unless you are a professional SEO, you do not need more.


16 Commentaries

  1. It is possible to be shelp that dinorank is the tool that more benefits offers in relation quality to you price. It is a tool that every time is adding more good options and all whether you are consulting SEO, nichero as if you have your Web of your business and you manage it your, will serve you to optimize your work.

    • Edu Coromina Borrass³ To respond

      We rose every day with that Juan thought! ˜‰

      Thank you very much by the commentary. Indeed, the tool will be continued improving. There are in tail new functions that will make the delights of all SfoDirecter! That nobody loses them ™

      A greeting!

  2. Hello!

    I had the opportunity to prove SfoDirect in its gratuitous modality and it seemed to me super intuitive, as much so it seems to me that arrived the moment it will be the tool SEO that I will acquire.

    Thanks to share its case

    Greetings from Caracas

    • Edu Coromina Borrass³ To respond

      Very good Luis!

      For a long time I have been reading to you from the blog of B30, you are of which never fails ™

      I am convinced that SfoDirect will help you with your projects of niche; it is a tool of low cost and with great variety of functions. You will not find more complete tool in the market, that insurance.

      Thank you very much by the time that always you dedicate Luis to us.

      A hug!

    • Edu Coromina Borrass³ To respond

      Thank you very much to share your experience with SfoDirect ™

      A hug!

  3. Without a doubt the tool offers many possibilities; but there are no people behind with interest in which they do of little serves to have this or any other tool of SEO.

    Congratulations psicolegalmente. I hope that your example helps many others to achieve its objectives ™

    • Edu Coromina Borrass³ To respond

      Thank you very much Marcos.

      Totally in agreement. All tool is useless if that uses it does not have interest, dedication and tenacity.

      We have more cases of success as psicolegalmente; soon we will present them.

  4. Congratulations by the results. it is not a easy sector.

    SfoDirect indeed is a whole in one, but following the sector sometimes if it is necessary some that another additional tool.


    • Edu Coromina Borrass³ To respond

      Thanks to leave your David commentary us.

      Indeed, SfoDirect is a tool Everything in which we continued improving month month. Today it is worse than tomorrow. This is our philosophy.

      Anyway I agree with you. At the moment the Ahrefs binomial with SfoDirect is the duo that we recommended to any SEO.


  5. The cases of success always work, truth?
    I was very fan of Semrush, but their prices are totally prohibitive, and as I am in mastermind of Javi Pastor we had the opportunity to prove SfoDirect and I it liked very many.

    So you are reserved for when it makes the launching of my new Web, to create a strategy of contents thanks to SfoDirect.

    A hug, and Merry Christmas!


    • Edu Coromina To respond

      That sounds brilliant Cristina! ˜

      In the name of the equipment of SfoDirect Feliz Navidad and many successes for the new year that just is going to begin!

      It cheers to me that you liked the tool and that you glide to give use once you send your new website him. SfoDirect is a tool tremendously complete low COST. If either you proved it or you know than he is able. And in 2020 still it will be better!

      We see ourselves inside.

      A hug,

  6. Everything is more complete tools of the market you have it and at level funcionabilidades price it is more.

    I proved it in the version demo and for this year 2020 we have put it for the budget of tools SEO of the company

    @Edu for when other shots in Buenos Aires

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Thank you very much Joan!

      We wanted to develop to a tool complete SEO and by the feedback that we received from the community she would say that ™ is being obtained

      Facing 2020 we will add new functionalities so you will do well in using it in the company ˜‰

      A Joan hug!

      PS. I die of desire to return to Buenos Aires. I needed much to know Argentina! ˜

  7. Alvaro Baldovino Montes To respond

    An excellent tool.

    I have used it in his version demo and is one of the investments for this year in my works of consultancy.

    A power, I hope to acquire it soon.

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Hello Alvaro,

      If with the version demo you were enchanted, it hopes to prove it again and you tell me. ˜‰

      I do not know when you proved demo but in the last 3 months we have implemented new functions and improved the tool so that she is still more complete.

      We see ˜‰ inside

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