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Tutorial on Serpstat SEO 

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Presented as a versatile tool for the SEO, SEM, the PPC and the Content Marketing, Serpstat it reunites in different sections a generous amount from functions to respond to a good number of tasks: keyword research, to audit backlinks, to trackear the positions of keywords in the finders and to analyze to the competition.

Serpstat is one of the favourites to make work campaigns of pay Rep click, and is good to identify and to solve SEO errors, to make a tail search of key words long, to take to end an audit on page of own projects, to analyze own URLs or domains or of the competition, search ideas and to spy to our competitors in the PPC.

But the reason by which all often we thought about Serpstat, is by its accessibility as far as the price in relation to everything what it allows us to do.

While professional tools SEO as SISTRIX or SEMRUSH, have costs around the hundred of Euros in their economic plans. Serpstat offers almost identical functionalities, paying as soon as about 16 monthly.

Update: The basic plan of Serpstat is now to 69$.

Although it is certain that to Serpstat it is necessary to improve to him in certain aspects of analysis (since they continue being quite rudimentary), is in spite of everything, a tool that condenses a good amount of useful information in a single place and is worth the trouble to prove it.

tutorial on serpstat

Functions of the Serpstat tool

Thought as an integral platform of digital marketing, Serpstat appears as a tool SEO everything in one.

One is one of the more complete tools of marketing of the market, that gains affections and admiration to have a significant digit of functions, that they can be carried out within a same platform.

Before initiating any action, Serpstat asks that you create a list of projects. This will cause that you save some minutes whenever you visit the tool, since of this form, you will have less problems in acceding to the content of your projects, that can be personal or collective.

In this menu, in addition, you can start up rank tracking, initiate an audit of the site, make a search of key words, analyze backlinks, form a report via e-mail of a domain analysis, to realise the pursuit of positions, audit and analysis of backlinks.

Although the functions of Serpstat are available without you need to create a project, some of them, as the pursuit of positions of keywords (rank to tracker) or the audit Web, is reserved for when the projects they have been created.

Audits/project analysis

He is recommendable that whenever you enter your Serpstat account, you make an analysis SEO of your site to find errors and to solve technical problems. Everything what you must do is to go to List of projects and to puncture on the name of which you wish to audit.

Rank Tracker

One is a function that only can start up when a project has been created, and its raison d'etre is that the frequency with that they change the ranking in the finders, enough is elevated.

After creating the project, the tool asks for keywords to you that interests to you to monitor. Also you can add them to a project that already has been created time. Serpstat will show a graph to you with the classification of your portal for keywords raked.

It is possible to refine to the pursuit, choosing specific labels or URLs for the key words and a period of time in which to observe its evolution.

In this section you will find in addition, who are your competitors for these words, their classifications and the progress that have come experimenting, and the landing pages that you position with those keywords.

Serpstat indicates which of your competitors is more hard given some keywords. In traffic share, you can fit the amount of domains of competitors who you want to analyze (minimum 5 and maximum 50) and to see how it is modified the traffic that receives.

distribution of the ranking of a Web with serpstat

Own analyses of backlinks

In the picture search of the main panel of Serpstat, it introduces the URL, the domain or own subdomain or of a competitor who you want to analyze and directs to Backlink analysis to you. There you will see in a card all the indexed directions, the referred connections that you receive, portals and the scores of Page Rank, Rank Trust and Alexa Rank.

In addition, you will be able to see the amount of pages connected from the URL that you have selected, the number of inlinks received by that page and the domains connected to that URL.

Underneath this information, you will find a graph summarizing the state of your pages of reference, of the 120 more recent days.

Pressing in Referring pages, you will find the balance of losses and gains of the URL or Web that you analyze in the selected period. Also you will be able to see if the connections are dofollow or nofollow, in addition to the dates in which they were detected by first and last time.

The anchor report texts will let see connected texts to you anchors the direction or domain that you have chosen, so that you can construct a profile of connections balanced and quality.

analysis of backlinks with serpstat

Analysis of backlinks of the competition

To have connections of quality in all the urls that you are creating, is a good way to surpass to the competition. A good way to do is examining it its profile of connections in search of replicables sources of backlinks of pages with authority.

In order to look the connected one of your competitors, it writes his domain in the picture search and directs to Referring domains to you from Backlinks analysis. Here you will find a list enough detailed of the portals of origin of the connections towards the URL or domain that you have introduced.

If the total number of reference Webs of your competitor is great, there are many probabilities that this one also has a considerable authority. To look at its profile will give the opportunity to give you with sites to gain authority with the connected one of towards your own pages.

To identify to the competition

Serpstat has a section to identify as much to the competition in SEO as in PPC. This it is an indispensable and quite interesting element, to be able to talk back as far as possible the strategies that they are using and to obtain your intentions.

You can identify to your competition in PPC, writing in picture search one keyword with which you are trying to position, later search the corresponding announcements.

Also it is possible to identify to the competition being placed your URL in the picture search.

to identify competitors with serpstat

Keyword research

It is the section in that you will find the statistics of key words of a domain and in which you will be able to make a complete study of them, as much for PPC as for SEO. Here you will be able to find suggestions, related and variant key words of the key words, among others things.

Once you introduce your keyword in the finder, will appear the panel of general vision, in which excellent information is synthesized, as its more popular variations, the most outstanding amount of searches for each and competitors.

Clicking on the sections, another handful of options will unfold before you.

Puncturing Related keywords, you will have a list with some terms search, their volume, phrases and words related to the keyword of your analysis by its meaning, and that share places in the SERPS of the finders.

In top pages, you will better see urls positioned for the keyword that you have introduced and its variations.

Keyword selection teaches the variants of the main keyword, for which Serpstat recognizes certain domains in the first places of the SERPS, accompanied of its respective volumes search.

In Search suggestions, you can ask to him to Serpstat that recommends key words to you in the form of questions, something similar to the functionality to autocompletar of Google, when it lets see the consultations related to a keyword.

How to analyze a domain with Serpstat

Serpstat offers the opportunity you to analyze as much domains as pages in particular and to compare the obtained results choosing the option Domain versus. Domain.

In order to begin with the analysis, the URL writes in the box search, it chooses the country of which you wanted to obtain the data that precise and punctures search search.

to analyze a project with serpstat

First that you will see next, it will be a vision of the set or overview in which you will be able to know the data keywords with which you look for to position your portal, the location that the domain has in the SERPs, the main competitors for those keywords and the pages with greater flow of users.

Next to keywords more determinants than have the domain between front page of results, Serpstat indicates the corresponding volume search. With a click on show all, you will unfold a detailed report of the data of the general vision.

From the main panel of analysis of URL or domains, you will be able to Access to other sections corresponding to particular aspects of the SEO. For example, you will be able to happen to have a perspective of backlinks of the analyzed site being clicked over the section Backlinks analysis.

Also, you will have the opportunity of knowing which are the pages of the portal with greater visibility, measured by the organic traffic that presents each page separately and the amount of keywords that manages to position in the first 5 pages of results.


Having analyzed Serpstat, we can conclude that one is a versatile tool, practical and economic in which the data for the work of the analyst stay centralized, since from the main menu you have direct access to specific data, facilitating the work of interpretation and the planning of a global strategy of positioning for your Web.

And you, To what delays? Prove it and tell your opinions us.


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