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Tutorial on the RocketSEO Tool

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When you initiate a project Web, or a business or a personal site, is necessary to apply to certain techniques SEO and to realise some previous studies to cause that the Web reachs the rest of people.

Tools as RocketSEO is oriented to facilitate this task, and we will see here what is and how it can help you, accompanies to us.

rocketseo tutorial

What is RocketSEO?

RocketSEO is a platform through which access to some of the best tools of SEO is obtained than they exist at present: SEMRush, AHREFs, MOZ and Majestic SEO.

The main advantage that obtains by means of this system is that, instead of to pay of individual form the subscription to each of these tools, RocketSEO offers an only payment to be able to use them all and to better price.

How it is arrived at this improved price? By means of the hiring of consultations limited instead of limitless, since one has demonstrated that the usuary one half never gets to consume the limitless actions that offer these tools.

In order to know at any moment how many consultations are available, you only must Access to the section Data of use of RocketSEO to verify it. Thus, you will know of exact form which is the use that you are were the tools.

The form in which RocketSEO can benefit to your business is evident. At present, the positioning SEO is very important to attract clients and to present the services or products of your company, so this set of tools is more than useful.

Thanks to RocketSEO you can look for key words, to verify the state of the positioning of the Web, to find possible niches of market, to watch to the competition that is to say, to conduct all those battles that will help to optimize the SEO.

tools available in rocketseo


Main the function that this tool realises is the analysis and the search of key words, in addition to showing the positioning of the webpages. He is very useful to also analyze own Webs but those of the competition.


The utility of AHREFs on the matter consists without a doubt of the analysis of the connections of a Web, providing all data type, that you can use to improve your strategy of link building.


It contains several utilities but the main function by which the users choose it is the one to know the authority whom a Web in Internet has, as well as its popularity. In addition, it analyzes the connections showing dofollow and nofollow and the anchor text.

Majestic SEO

This tool is made up of a whole series of functions that are oriented to improve the aspects SEO of a Web. It especially emphasizes the detailed analyses that realises of the connections to evaluate its quality and utility.

How work does RocketSEO?

The four tools that have been mentioned before are used from the same platform, RocketSEO, where when entering you will find the logos of each of them, more Rank Checker, an own function to verify the positioning of the Web.

  • When you Access to SEMRUsh you find the three consultations that are from more interest to criterion of RocketSEO, that is to say, domains, keywords and backlinks. It is not necessary that you Access to no other Web, since the tool is integrated in the own platform.

If you already have an account in SEMRush, you will be able to take advantage of it also in the platform RocketSEO not to lose no data.

  • With respect to MOZ, it works of the same form that SEMRush. When acceding to this section, you only must introduce the domain which you wish to know the authority, so that this one is right away along with an analysis of the connections.
  • On AHREFs and Majestic SEO it is necessary to say that they work of a different way since these tools have not granted to RocketSEO the direct access to their data base.

How benefit does the user from RocketSEO then?
The solution consists of the possibility of asking for complete information to AHREFs and Majestic SEO through form that offers RocketSEO. In the smaller possible time they are in charge to raise the information in format pdf and Excel.

saving when contracting rocketseo

Why he serves RocketSEO?

Now that already you know what tools are included in RocketSEO and how they work within the platform, is the moment for seeing how it can help you:

  • Key words: not only you will be able to know which are the keywords that take to visits to your Web but also which you can incorporate to increase this traffic.
  • Quality of the connections: you can detect what links point towards a Web and the quality of the same, in addition to knowing if they are dofollow or nofollow.
  • Competition: of the same form that you analyze your own Web, you can study those of your competitors to know what is doing or or badly and to learn of them.
  • Niches: thanks to the information that they provide the tools of RocketSEO you can discover new niches of market in which to focus.
  • Link building: a link strategy building can get to be perfect if you know to process the data that offer the tools of RocketSEO.

If all this seems to you too complicated, you do not worry. As much the configuration of the platform as the data that offers, is thought so much for experts about SEO as for people who are home, so we assured to you that you will remove the maximum party to him.

SfoDirect versus RocketSEO

We have already analyzed all the advantages that RocketSEO for you has and to improve the positioning of your webpage. Now we want to offer an alternative to you: SfoDirect, the first tool SEO that includes all the functions that you need.

Thanks to SfoDirect, you can only take to end all the searches and consultations that also you can do in RocketSEO, that still more adding functions and by a still economic price.

A very positive aspect that has SfoDirect is that all tools interact to each other, so that when you are consulting some determined data, you can obtain intercrossed data to complete the information that you need.

tool everything in one dinorank

RocketSEO, however, when having its tools independently, does not allow to realise a complete study of a single look but you are who must take care to resist all the information to obtain conclusions.

On the other hand, it is necessary to remember that RocketSEO does not have complete access to two of the four external tools that it provides and that the user depends on his mediation to secure the information about the Web.

Key words

SfoDirect, for example, allows you to analyze the keywords of your Web but in addition, can execute this analysis by clusters, that is to say, groupings of key words, so that the results will be still more necessary.

In fact, function WDF*DF Prominence Semantic of SfoDirect, marks a great difference with respect to RocketSEO as far as the key words, since SfoDirect is able to indicate accurately what keywords those are that are positioning a certain text in Google, being based on the 10 first results of the SERPs.

By all means, it could not either lack in a tool as SfoDirect the option to realise a search of key words, to manage the planning of contents of the Web of the possible most optimal way.

Connected internal

And speaking of internal links of a Web, SfoDirect is able to provide a complete map of the structure of any Web that you wish, something essential to discover how it also works connected of a page but the one of the pages of the competition.

In addition, it will inform to you about URLs that has thin content, that is to say, contained of low quality that receives few visits and that can, either to modify or to eliminate without the more, to increase the global quality of the page.

A unique function that has SfoDirect and which RocketSEO lacks, is the possibility of calculating pagerank internal of the Web from the links of the same and the quality of these. The best thing is than to collect these data you only must introduce the URL.

connected internal with dinorank


Perhaps he can give the impression that SfoDirect is a oriented platform to experts in SEO, or to users who handle very great Webs and which they need this type tools to manage them.

It is clear that SfoDirect can be used for Webs with a high volume of data and by users who have knowledge about SEO, but their design intuitive and its simple language cause that she is apt for which begins to begin in the world of the positioning Web.

In fact, SfoDirect is a very useful tool for those who finish opening a blog, or personal or of niches because it will allow him to advance step by step from simplest, the search of key words, until most complicated, the complete audits SEO of the Web.

As you can see, SfoDirect not only equals the functions that do RocketSEO but them improvement and in addition, incorporates other that have not been mentioned as, for example, the possibility of detecting cannibalisations in the content of the Web.

In addition and in the future, SfoDirect has recently incorporated another series of functions as a graph of visibility to style SEMRUSH to know which are the key words that they position, and a search of key words related to exact searches of the users.

Considering these data and the fact that the plans of prices of SfoDirect in their basic version have a cost lower than RocketSEO, it hands over your to decide which of the two platforms is more practice to you.

A good strategy SEO marks to the difference between a project Web that climbs to the first positions of Google and other that is lost in the results search. Without a doubt, it is worth the trouble to choose the best tool to achieve the success.


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