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Mangools versus SEMrush: Comparative of these two All Tools in One

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At present numerous tools and platforms in the market exist to work the SEO of your Web and more and more to improve their positioning in the results of searches of Google.

There are them of all the colors and for all the tastes and pockets so, sometimes, to make a decision it can be complicated, unless you know very clearly what is what you need and what is what you are looking for.

In this post we want to help you to make a decision speaking to you about two from the tools more powerful than it has: Mangools and SEMrush. We will analyze what offers each so that you can choose what is what it interests for your Web and your projects.

mangools versus semrush

Mangools, tool for SEO

Mangools is made up of different tools whose use will allow you to know diverse aspects the SEO of your Web so that you know how to improve the positioning from concrete and trustworthy data. In addition, you can complement them with very useful and practical an extension for Google Chrome.

It is characterized to have a simple handling that does perfect for that they are home in the world of the SEO and look for concrete data with which to begin. In addition, its gratuitous version allows to use the tools a number limited of times the day.

We are going to see what is what they offer the different functionalities to you from Mangools.


As it indicates his name (in English), this tool will help to find useful key words you for your Web and, in addition, it proposes a score to you of the same so that you know the level difficulty that present at the time of positioning.

It emphasizes the interest that shows towards the key words long-tail, since it is an aspect of keyword that all the tools do not contemplate. As a result of the words long-tail not only you can advance to him to the competition, but also obtain new keywords that to position.

KW to finder of mangools


This tool analyzes of direct form the SERPs de Google, that is to say, your positions in the results search. It allows you to compare your positioning with the one of your competitors and to see the best form to surpass them.

In addition, with SERPChecker you can differentiate between devices, so that you see how they vary the results if the search becomes from a mobile phone or a computer.

Once again, it is a detail that does not incorporate all the tools, at least in its gratuitous version.

SERPChecker provides another type to you of information as the authority of the page, the force that transmits your connections, the metric PA and GIVES of Moz and other very interesting ones.

The union of these data will give a very ample vision you of the situation of your project.


First that you must know about this functionality, it is that she is the unique one to that you will not be able to Access in the gratuitous version, so to Access to her you will have to welcome to you in one of the payment plans of Mangools.

SERPWatcher facilitates the task to you of verifying the form in which they evolve your URLs on the basis of the key words that you want to position. Generally, he is something that can be done exporting an Excel with the information that provides Google to you Search Console, but with SERPWatcher he is much more simple.

You can see the daily evolution of your URLs and, in addition, it maintains the pursuit on the key words that you have obtained by means of KWFinder.

to serpwatcher of mangools


Backlinks, that is to say, the external liaisons that aim towards your Web, is main the metric one that Google considers at the time of establishing the positioning, so they are very important to have certain control exceeds.

Nevertheless, all the incoming connections are not equal of good, since many of them do not transmit the necessary authority. Thanks to LinkMiner, you will be able to know which are those that benefit to you and which no.

Once we have seen the tools and the functions of Mangools you can verify that it is a perfect platform for bloggers, small businesses and companies that are home to send their projects.

Aside from his gratuitous version, it counts on payment options that leave from the 29.90 to the month, reason why is economic for who still does not have too many resources to invest in SEO.

SEMrush, the professional SEO


SEMrush is a platform dedicated to the SEO, SEM, keywords, social analyses of contents or strategies, among others many functions. One is made up of more than 40 tools than they are evolving and improving of constant form from his creation.

She is one of the tools more powerful than they exist at present, not only to analyze and to improve your own projects, but also those of your competitors. The audits, the analyses, comparative and the their sources of data do not let anything verify in your Web.

Now we are going to verify which are the functions that make of SEMrush one of the best tools SEO of the market.

Analysis of domains

You can use the tools to analyze all the aspects of your Web, but also of any other domain that you want. This way, SEMrush allows you to inspect the Webs of your competitors to know with exactitude what is what they are doing.

This analysis will provide several graphs with which you will be able to verify as much organic level search as of payment, the listing to you of keyword positioned, main backlinks, the most important competitors, etc.

As you see, a as simple action as to introduce a domain already offers very interesting data to you to begin to work in the SEO of your Web.

Key words

As it could not be of another way, in SEMrush there is a special site for keywords. You can analyze the position of the key words of your Web and verify if they raise or they lower positions to be able to act.

In fact, you can see which are your main competitors for certain key words, so that you can elaborate a strategy much more makes specific focused to one keyword that you want to win.

analysis of keywords with semrush


SEMrush analyzes the links in all slopes. It will tell you how they position your different subdomains and URLs from your Web, and also will indicate how backlinks of a very meticulous form are working.

Traffic of payment

Yes, one of the new features that incorporate SEMrush is the analysis of the traffic of payment of your Web and also the one of the Webs of your competition.

You will be able to know how luxury of details is working the publicity of your site to verify from within the effectiveness of your announcements yet.

This is only some brush-strokes than it offers SEMrush to improve the SEO of a Web. This tool is very focused to agencies or for users who handle simultaneously several projects and need to obtain a great amount of data.

It has a gratuitous version with some limitations and the payment plans leave from the 99 Euros to the month.

SfoDirect, the third alternative

But And if we told you that there is one third alternative that joins all the more interesting functions of the known tools SEO until today and which it is within reach of practically any pocket?

One is SfoDirect, a platform focused to the democratization of the SEO with the advantage of which one adapts to the initiates in SEO until the great agencies that handle to several projects Web.

With her you will be able to manage the external connected one of your Web, the key words, search possible cannibalisations, to detect content that is not helping you to position, to create posts to size by means of key words propose and to obtain complete audits SEO as much for your personal projects, as for the Webs of your clients.

In fact, SfoDirect contains functions of tools as Pro Rank Tracker, Screaming Frog, the cannibalisations of Sistrix or Seolyze.

Of this form, SfoDirect does not become an authentic tool all in one since it allows to do without all the other platforms, without for that reason losing its benefits nor either quality in the data that offer the same.

In addition, it is not necessary to be no expert in SEO nor to spend long time to the learning of this tool, since it has clean and simple an interface that you will be able to begin to handle to the few minutes with total ease.

Its distribution in menus with a small explanation favors that you find the tool quickly that you need then, reason why navigation is very fluid and the user experience becomes comfortable and agile.

distribution in menus of all the functionalities of dinorank

SfoDirect offers all these functions and some more by the price of 25 Euros to the month, that will go dedicated to continue improving the tools and to incorporate some more, as a graph of visibility of competition by key words as SEMrush and listings of key words related of direct form to searches.

Of this form, SfoDirect bursts in into the market of the tools for SEO offering functions and possibilities that put it around the best platforms but with a price within reach of which they begin to move in the world of the SEO.

Now that you have several options, only you it has left to decide which will be the tool that will become your ally to improve your positioning.


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