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The Best Alternatives to SEMrush

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There is no doubt on the great utility that has SEMRush as tool to maintain your Web to point and to be able to raise positions in the results search of Google thanks to all the information that it provides.

Perhaps nevertheless, SEMRush do not like because you do not finish you understanding it, does not compensate the price to you for the use that you are going to give to him or so simply you would like to prove other tools.

For this reason, we are going to offer some alternatives to you to equal SEMRush of valid so that you continue working with your Web. Accompany to us.

SEMRush: advantages and disadvantages

SEMRush is a tool focused multifunction of direct form to improve the SEO of your Web from several different points of view. Thanks to her, you will be able to obtain detailed information on your webpage with which to improve its positioning in the SERPs.


One is one about the platforms multifunction with more antiquity than they exist and that already says to much of its validity and the confidence that the users deposit in her.

Backlinks, keywords, positioning, publicity and much more are what SEMRush analyzes by you so that your Web scales positions in the results search of Google.

In fact, one of the strongest points of SEMRush, if not the major, is related to the key words. Its data base stores up to 800 million words.

In addition, it realises very good analyses about the results of the advertising campaigns that you undertake to promote your Web.


But not always everything is gold what shines and SEMRush has some disadvantages. First of them it is his high cost, which causes that many users cannot allow themselves to Access to her.

It is certain that it offers economic plans, but following the volume of data that you need to analyze, they will not be sufficient to you due to the limits in its functions.

For example, if you work in an agency handling several Webs, the economic plans will not serve to you.

The Best Gratuitous Alternatives to SEMRush

Next we showed the alternatives to you that there are to SEMRush and realised a small analysis of all of them.

Keyword Planner

google keyword to planner

One of the functions more valued by the users of SEMRush, is the ample information that offers about best keywords than to use for a project Web. Not only it offers the listing, but also it establishes the levels of competition of each.

This same function we can find it with the tool Keyword Planner that, in fact, is the source of which SEMRush takes the information since, as well, Keyword Planner collects its data of Google Adwords.

Although it is certain that Keyword Planner is designed to create advertising campaigns, the certain thing is that also you can use the tool to find keywords for your Web of the same form that takes control of Google Adwords.

That yes, although Keyword Planner is of the best tools focused to the key words, we must have present that is the only aspect of the SEO which we can consult with her.



This tool is very useful to control the positions of the Webs in the searches of Google by means of the monitoring of the keywords that they position.

SEMRush realises this function of more complete form something but the data that to us Rankerizer offers are sufficient to be able to control the movements of the competition.

If this is the function that you need, Rankerizer can be a useful tool in case you do not need the rest action that has SEMRush.

That yes, is not about a platform Web as other tools, but a software that you must unload in your computer.

Similar Web

similar Web

In this platform we found data as the approximate visits, the origin of the traffic, the influence, etc. All of them equipment as much for your own Web as to see what your competitors are doing.

That yes, in fact is not nothing that you cannot do with your Web registered in Google Analytics, so its main use goes to examine and to analyze the Webs of the competition and knowledge in what position you on the matter are.

You can overturn all these data in a pdf to keep them and to have them by hand so that you can compare the evolution of your website with respect to the competition and know the effect your actions SEO.

Similar Web can serve stops you to make small studies of market in case you cannot count on SEMRush.

The Best Alternatives of Payment to SEMRush

Until now we have spoken of gratuitous tools as alternatives to SEMRush, so we are going to happen to which they have cost, but that is economic, turning out to be an average term between some.



Ranking is a tool that began focused in the key words and that over the years have been incorporating more and more dedicated functions to the SEO. It analyzes the positioning of the Web, establishes comparisons of traffic with other pages, it studies and it generates key words and also it works backlinks.

These functions and many more turn Ranking into one of the best tools of payment with which to replace SEMRush and which also offers excellent results.

Although still it must improve some aspects as, for example, the interface, is anticipated that in the future it still evolves more, so you can consider this tool if you are thinking about leaving SEMRush.



All in one is another tool that has a price more fit than SEMRush and that, therefore, can be used instead of SEMRush in case you do not have much money.

Its specialty is based on the analysis of key words, the control of the competition, the audit of backlinks of your Web and the pursuit of the positioning of the Web in the results search of Google.

The data that Serpstat offers are not too concrete and are something that you must consider, although are still a good tool to as much extract useful information of your Web as of the Webs of your competitors.

Its price goes up to around the 69 Euros to the month in its limited version more. Is a tool economic than SEMRush but still it can suppose an important payment for some users who begin in the world of the SEO.


SfoDirect is the best alternative to SEMRush, without doubt, since multifunction is a tool but whose price is five times smaller.

And if you are thinking that to have a price much more under his benefits they can not have quality, we are going to tell everything you what SfoDirect can do by the SEO of your Web.

  • SfoDirect realises tracking of positions to monitor how they are evolving your keywords in the results of Google and of knowing the form in which you must work your Web so that they are not back.
  • The form in which SfoDirect analyzes the keywords has a semantic function, that is to say, not only it proposes keywords to you that can enrich your Web, but a set offers in addition everything to you to them with whom you can create new content that continues increasing the visits.
  • In addition, it allows to know pagerank you internal, that is to say, to know which are the pages of your Web that receive more force and therefore, have more authority. This way, you will be able to transmit that authority to other pages and to make them more forts as well.
  • In this it has much to do the internal connected one, something that also you can analyze with SfoDirect to know how the internal links of your Web are working and which is the architecture of the same.
  • Also backlinks helps you with the management of better your so that your strategy. It says the profile to you of anchors, what urls is connected or the percentage of follow/no follow. All this does on the basis of backlinks that you introduce in the tool.

A good connected strategy of, internal as as much external, can transmit to your Web a great authority, that is translated in more visits and a better positioning in the results search of Google, reason why these analyses are going to you to be very useful.

  • Two very useful and original functions that SfoDirect incorporates are the detector of cannibalisations and the analysis of Thin Content, that is to say, thanks to this tool you will know what pages of your Web to each other compete by the same keywords and which is the content of your Web that does not contribute to traffic nor quality.

Once you have detected this content that does not attract traffic you can try to improve it or, immediately, to eliminate it of your webpage so that other contents can call plus the attention and to attract visits.

  • In addition to all these functions, accounts with an analysis of keywords and the possibility of making a SEO On audit page, something very beneficial if you work with several clients, since you will be able to offer of simple form a detailed report to them about the health of his Web.

The philosophy of SfoDirect is based on the democratization of the SEO, that is to say, to obtain a tool that gets to surpass to all the existing ones in the market but that, as well, it is within reach of everybody so that the SEO does not only become something accessible to a few.

SfoDirect has a price of 25 Euros to the month, which supposes a great difference with the minimum of 99 Euros to the month that costs SEMRush.

Considering the benefits of each tool, we are convinced that SfoDirect is the most intelligent answer to your needs about the SEO of your webpage.


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