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Tutorial on the Tool Netpeak Spider

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Netpeak Spider is the tool that will help you to solve your difficulties with the technical part of SEO On Page.

Its capacity to automate essential operations, offers a facility you without precedents to optimize your Web and to make fit it in the SERPs of the web search engines.

The Web tools crawling or tracking are one of the most important instruments in a strategy SEO. They allow you to make a deep analysis of your website, to recognize those areas which you need to throw a look to improve.

They are necessary to create the strategies that will help you to optimize your site, and to obtain better results.

Whether one is a new project as of which or it has an antiquity, its way to imitate crawlers of the finders is indispensable to know the information that these are processing and to take the following steps.

But not only that. The tracking tools are necessary to analyze the domains of the competition, to know what is making to climb in the SERPs, and that you can also imitate his methods to secure better positions.

One of these software that you will not be able to stop having in your writing-desk is Netpeak Spider, one of the favorite tools in digital marketing.

tutorial netpeak to spider

Netpeak: The new tool of daily SEO?

Crawlers of the finders is developed programs to analyze sites of automatic and systematic form, dedicated permanently to the analysis of websites to understand them and to categorise them better.

To imitate these crawlers or spiders, that is the work that realises tools as NetPeak and Screaming Frog (to see tutorial of screaming), is essential to know which is the perception that the finders have of your website, and to track errors that could be affecting to their appearance in the SERPs.

However, Screaming Frog is the tool that has become reference in the world of crawlers, but the certain thing is that NetPeak Spider does not have anything to envy with regard to effectiveness and functionality to him.

It is clear that NetPeak is more than alternative to Screaming Frog, and if you are working hard without seeing that your effort is bearing its fruits, uses it to track problems SEO that is reducing him visibility to your project in the web search engines.

One of the outstanding points of NetPeak is the time that takes in making a complete technical audit of your portal, to identify these problems and to give recommendations you to very low cost.

NetPeak classifies in three great groups the aspects that tries: content, indexing and popularity, and through a system of colors, inform into the degree in which a problem SEO affects to the ranking of the site. These colors are:

  • Red, that it notices of errors that are urgent to solve. He is high-priority to solve them to manage your Web.
  • Yellow, for the questions that are recommendable to resolve more soon possible. Usually they are slighter problems, mainly canonicals and redirections towards pages with codes 200.
  • Blue, for less important situations and than still you can delay. Although in principle one is a smaller urgency, it is possible that they are of high priority, since, for example, a bad implementation of canonicals, can be a serious problem in the Web.
  • The target, to indicate that all march as it must.



colors in netpeak according to priorities

Of this form, you will be able to take advantage of without problems the innumerable benefits NetPeak Spider and to generate more traffic for your Web.

What you can know with Netpeak Spider

The data that Netpeak Spider offers are organized in three great groups:

  1. Content. Amount of words, number of words in the text, length of the contents, hierarchy of headed and rate of text and HTML.
  2. Popularity. Internal liaisons or inlinks, salient internal liaisons and salient external liaisons.
  3. Indexing
    • Redirections, indicate to redirections and redirections in chain, erroneous or finished pages in blocked or nonindexable pages.
    • Canonicals, indicates the finished chains of canonicals and in blocked or nonindexable pages.
    • Robots, look for the presence of robots, it detects what pages are blocked, and what blocked canonical directions redirigen to URL by means of robots.
    • Goal robots, discovers the pages with goal robots and those that no, and those that has index, noindex or another labelling.
    • Pagination, indicates errors or the good state of the pagination.

Netpeak verifies 60 factors of optimization on page, between which are the headed redireccionamientos, titles and, it puts duplicated descriptions, pages and I connect broken.

With the support of filters and other functions outposts, you can obtain data more precise to make righter decisions.

very complete information on page with netpeak

The ways of crawling of Netpeak Spider in 2019

NetPeak counts on several ways to adjust to different types from situations. Most popular of all it is the functionality of crawling, common to tools as Screaming Frog or URL Profiler.

Crawling consists of reading the salient directions of a page, keeping them and to scan them in a more or less extensive lapse of time.

When scanning to that rate, software reveals points and openings of the portal until then not detected, so that it is possible to discover errors that would happen inadvertent but for those tools.

Another way shared with Screaming is the map reading of site (sitemaps).

These sitemaps take place in format of images, or languages XML or HTML, and can be unloaded from the site or be loaded of form manual in the tool.

This way gives the option to Netpeak to track XML sitemap, that is the ideal way to make a tracking in a domain with many URLs.

A third way is I scan by bulk of directions (or URL list), that stops the monitoring of URLs and it only extracts the information that is asked for to him of the sites that you have chosen.

The recent versions of Netpeak include a called way Google SERP (or Yahoo SERP or Bing SERP, following the finder), whose intention is to evaluate the degree of indexing of a whole domain, including its subdomains, and looking for in the SERPs useful information later to be verified with NetPeak.

configuration netpeak to spider

Netpeak Spider: rapidity and simplicity in automatic way

In which at speed and facility of handling one talks about, Netpeak Spider is a tool that does not have rival. With this tool you will be able to improve the ranking and to secure more visibility for your Web.

In only some minutes and with a few clicks, Netpeak Spider can complete the optimization tasks that to webmasters would take long time them to make of form manual. To calculate the internal ranking cannot be simpler with Netpeak Spider.

to know how the force of each URL with netpeak to spider

With some graphical incredible, divided in categories and according to their importance, Netpeak Spider it gives back to essential information for the optimization of a strategy SEO without necessity of complicated commandos.

A few keyboard shortcuts in interaction with some URL will give detailed information you on those pages.

The interface of this tool emphasizes by its cleaning: a central panel shows the URL found by each crawler; on him some fast access; a lateral panel contains additional information about the treated project, and the picture the configuration bellboys complete it.

Netpeak Spider consumes so little ram memory that any computer can open it and make it work efficiently, without waiting for long time to that the data have been processed.

Instantaneous access with the keyboard shortcuts of NetPeak Spider

One of the most spectacular functions of NetPeak is their direct access.

Knowing the appropriate combinations of keyboard F+d­gito, you can secure essential information for the optimization of each one of the URL selected.

  • F1 “ information of subjects: This combination unfolds a useful map to analyze sites with many URL and a list of errors of the selected direction.
  • F2 “ redireccionamiento: this direct access takes to you to follow all the chain of redirections. Unlike Screaming Frog, NetPeak does not pause in first the 301 and it only pauses at the end of the chain.
  • F3 “ inlinks: it serves to visualize the connections that enter a specific direction URL. A determining question if you try to position with linkbuilding.
  • F4 “ outlinks: it shows the connections that leave the selected page.
  • F5 “ internal liaisons: it reveals the internal connected one with repetitions or without them.
  • F6 “ external liaisons: it discovers the connections that from other pages take to the selected direction.
  • F7- images: it exhibits the archives of images connected from certain URL.
  • Of the F8 to the F12: pressing these bellboys they will appear the headed ones of the URL, necessary to know if the hierarchy of your site well is defined.


NetPeak Spider is a tool that agrees to have in the writing-desk to be looking on a daily basis how it advances your strategy SEO.

Although perhaps he is very early to say that it is better than Screaming, the truth is that the interface of NetPeak makes a tool easier to manipulate and in which the simplicity of the design helps to execute the analyses and to export the information of faster form.

Everything aims at that in the next years we will be observing one hard battle between the software of NetPeak and smiling ranita of Screaming Frog to take control of the title of crawler of daily use.


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