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Tutorial of the FandangoSEO Tool

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FandangoSEO has been a tool created in Barcelona for 6 years by V­ctor P©rez Vas and a team of specialists in SEO, in order to secure some more exhaustive audits. They work for more than 10 years with diverse businesses of different fields, whose number increases every day.

Although the tool exists for 6 years, this group of experts decided to go further on, and in 2017 he in line gave to the jump at a new level, removing a version from Fandango, with new functionalities and making it more practitioner.

To put the tool in the cloud changed completely what they had done until now, being able to do of Fandango one of the more popular tools of tracking of the market.

In 2019, Fandango SEO has managed to integrate the most in tune tools: crawler, a Log Analyzer and an instrument to spy to the competition. All these elements, provide information with first order to design a good strategy SEO, to maintain the ranking of your site and to leave the rivals back.

fandangoseo tutorial

What offers the tool to us Fandango SEO in 2019

Always there is outstanding to do easier to be able to identify and to take care of the tasks related to the SEO on page, connected internal and the architecture of the site.

And it is that Fandango has as goal that him serves the maximum juice to your Web, showing to you, among others, the ranking of searches and the distribution of the connections.

Nonhappy and so it has obtained, the new version can track pages at a surprising speed of 700 URLs per second, reason why never he was simpler to obtain a snapshot of the internal structure of your site.

Between the recent updates, is the new system of monitoring so that you are always abreast of the statistics that are generated in your portal.

Next we extended the information on other characteristics.

Tracking as movable device

Movable navigation is the present and the future of the SEO, in such a way that, that does not pay attention to this sector of the users, they are condemned to be displaced to an unfavorable position in the SERPs.

Movable navigation represents a high percentage of navigation between the internauts. The reason is so simple because smartphones present is computers in miniature and its compact size, promotes the access to the network from any place of the planet.

It is very important to create and to optimize Webs for mobiles. An optimization example would be to compress the weight of the archives of images and videos, to accelerate of load, which will cause that the rate falls by ricochet, and will increase the traffic towards the site. FandangoSEO can indicate the way to you to obtain it.

In its configuration accounts with the option to track sites as if your portable computer or was a movable device. This tool is very useful to evaluate if you are not catching sufficient traffic of a type of user, and had to make some changes.

Raking as movable device, you will be able to continue having the rest of functions of Fandango for writing-desk; you will have meticulous information of your movable architecture and will count on help to create a version in AMP.

tracking as movable device in fandangoseo

Total errors

The simple interface of FandangoSEO shows the code errors and has average the more practitioners to solve them.

In addition, the export of pages can be useful to have a registry in your computer and to cause that it is easier to find the solution to these problems.

This functionality, in addition to showing all the failures of your project, allows to give them to a solution in time record you. Most common they are the broken connections (errors 404) and the redireccionamientos 301 and 302 that can cause the blockade of the Web.

The file of trackings allows you to compare the errors of each one of the operations.

Architechture info

The systematic order is one of the ways that use the web search engines, to interpret your webpage. Its architecture reveals the authority to them that you grant to him to the content or the categories of each page. The number and the origin of the connections that receive importance in the general conception of the portal.

The more high is a page in your map and major is the amount of connections that receives, the more authority must have.

Fandango can help you to understand and to optimize the internal connected one of your website. Their detailed graphs will be to you useful to redefine the navigation levels and to work in linkbuilding.

architecture with the fandangoseo tool

So that you know better the architecture your website, Fandango offers to you:

  • A graph with the types of pages by its level of depth of connection, following the route: Architechture info > Pagetypes. This will give the possibility you of relocalizar your pages when creating sitemap and soon to see the alterations of your architecture in the comparison tool.
  • A list with the anchor texts, as much I commit as external, used to talk about to your domain. The ideal is that they do not connect many URLs.
  • A profile of the incoming and salient connections of your pages, or that you choose a group of directions (bulk search) or a URL in particular.
  • A comparison of the maps of architecture of your trackings, so that you can discover the pages that do not comprise of connected of the site and important pages that they have not been indexed.
  • An interactive tree with pagination levels.

A panoramic one of the weight that it has each page in the structure of the site denotes clarity in the objectives, and it offers to the users and to the web search engines a experience him of comfortable and pleasant navigation.

Optimization of content

To offer quality content is the last objective that persecutes the finders. No bet is safer than an article, a video or a gallery of images with all of the law.

In order to position itself in Internet it is not possible to be done without the key words, the suitable density, a number of words defined according to the intentions of webmaster and the class of public to whom it goes directed.

In the route Content > Summary, you will be able to be with excellent material about your content, as the accountant of words, titles, puts labels, descriptions and the size of each URL, that it will give a track you exceeds how of important you are for the web search engines.

analysis of content in fandangoseo


With FandangoSEO never it has been easier to generate a map of your site.

Sitemaps, is very valuable elements for you and the web search engines, not only because you can cause as much that as they know the great thing that it is your webpage, but because thanks he, the finders can measure the importance of some urls against others and of finding out the frequency of update of each.

Connected internal

To analyze the links of your Web is a good start to rearrange interlinking, with the aim of obtaining one better position in the SERPs.

And it is that the connected one has a very important weight at the time of determining the authority that corresponds to each page, and therefore, the place that it will have in a search in Google.

In the Architechture category info, you will find content detailed about the internal connected one of the domain. Also, the Authority function pages, will show the pages to you with the greater number of incoming and salient connections.

connected internal in fandangoseo

Fandango SEO to improve the SERPS of your webpage

At the same time in which Internet has been used more as advertising means, of interchange of tastes and ideas and to exert influence in the society, they have been arising the tools SEO next to its undeniable importance.

At present, many tools that promise to be able to assure a visible place in the SERPs de Google, Yahoo, Bing and other great finders, but all of them exist do not count on a manageable interface, and all is not equal of precise in certain tasks or offers the same functions and characteristics.

FandanbgoSEO allows you to optimize the most important factors in the ranking search, offering a great number to you of advantages to reach to optimize the yield of your portal and to obtain benefits in this way.

For which Fandango helps to gain front page of the SERPS?

Some of the characteristics that do only to Fandango are:

  • The integration of the functions, that in Screaming Frog and others crawlers are divided in the Spider and the Log Analyzer.
  • The button Schema that indicates to the amount of pages with structured texts and data and those that no.

This last characteristic, until now unique of this tool, is of fundamental interest, because all we know that the contained finders place of preferential way as lists, schemes and videos in his front page of results. It is what we know as Featured Snippets.

An instrument that would be to consider nononly of FandangoSEO, but of benefit to climb in the SERPS, is the Competitive analysis, that allows to compare a new project with another or raked, or your project with one of your competition, and thus to deduce the strategy that is using.

Unlike other tools that use crawling, Fandango, makes use of log to know what is seeing the robots of the finders in your website. Whereas crawling shows the present of your site, log directly sees what the robot does, allowing appreciate invisible actions for crawlers.

Really, with advantages as an enviable visualization, an analysis of logs that surpasses everything what can make crawler and the capacity to process great pages at an incredible speed, it is no wonder in a few years already we only know that FandangoSEO has arrived to remain.


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