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Tutorial of the Tool everything in one Xovi

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Any user whom a project in Internet begins, whether it is a question of a business or of a personal initiative, must apply some SEO basic principles so that its webpage appears in the results of Google and are visible for the rest of the world.

For it, numerous focused tools to different aspects, each with their price of corresponding subscription exist, reason why it can turn out complicated to be able to Access half to all of them for a usuary one.

Luckily, lately they are appearing platforms as Xovi that reunite several functions and allow to take to end all a strategy SEO of simple and accessible form.

Still you don't know what is Xovi? You Have left and we will teach to you what is, how it works and how SEO can help you in your projects.

tutorial of the tool xovi


What is Xovi?

Xovi is a platform SEO everything in one, that is to say, that the sum of their functionalities and tools is focused to improve the positioning of a webpage in the results search of Google.

How work the SEO Xovi does tool?

The operation of Xovi is very intuitive thanks to its simple interface, with a simple language. Here we propose the first steps to you that you can give to remove the best possible yield to Xovi.

Creating a project in Xovi

With the projects in Xovi you can elaborate information and realise audits on page about a Web in particular. Of this form, you obtain a general vision about the situation of the SEO of the page.

Once you have created the project in Xovi by means of three easy steps, the platform will offer a listing to you of your main competitors after to have made a first analysis of the Web.

The project allows you to monitor the key words of your election, although it will also propose other new ones to you that are related and that you are not perhaps considering. You yourself you can add these new words to the monitoring.

In case you have made previously a file CSV with the listing of key words, you have the possibility of concerning it of direct form to Xovi, not to have to introduce them of form manual.

The monitoring of key words allows to apply filters you that adjust to your needs: to track selected web search engines, to monitor concrete days of the week, to restrict devices from where the searches are realised, etc.

to create a project with xovi

The customized Control Panel

Once you have created the project, Xovi leads the customized Control Panel, a section in which those more interesting data and information can be placed to export them in pdf later.

One of the most interesting utilities of the customized Control Panel is the possibility of being able to send that PDFs to your clients or companies, to offer a fast and simple look to them about the situation of the SEO of its webpages.

What is the OVI?

OVI comes from Online VALUE Index and it is a system of score created by Xovi, that marks the evolution and the development of in agreement project spends the time. Thus you can know at any moment how your strategy is working.

The variables that are used to calculate the OVI are related of close form to the key words: the number of them whom they have positioned, its exact position and the volume search of the same.

The best thing of the OVI is that it can be applied also to the Webs of the competition to verify with what key words is positioning and to try to improve his strategy to be always in front of them.

One of the best utilities than can be given the OVI is to verify how they can be affecting the updates of the algorithm of Google to your webpage, since if there are slopes right after one, it can be indicating the application of a penalty.

Xovi and the key words

key words in xovi

By all means and as all tool SEO, Xovi has several functions related to the key words that turn out very useful to improve your strategy within your webpage.

The first function is the finder of key words that is in charge to facilitate a listing to you of all the words by which it positions along with his URL, the volume search, the level of competition and the CPC.

This screen allows to establish filters so that you can find the information quickly that you need as, for example, what key words have lowered to second page to conduct battles that give back them again front page.

All the data that to you this function provides can be unloaded in Excel so that you can work with them with comfort and tranquillity.

One of the advantages of Xovi is that it allows to realise this process but on the contrary, that is to say, to realise a search that informs to you into how many key words are positioning in each article of the Web.

Of this form, you can verify what key words long tail are positioning an article and thus to take advantage of them to continue scaling positions in the results search of Google.

The section Search of Keywords is very useful to discover new keywords with which to create content. From a main subject or of a keyword, the tool will propose a series to you of related key words long tail.

Finally, Xovi also includes a tool of monitoring of key words that you can use when creating the project independently, as we saw more above, or. In either cases, you will be able to follow the evolution in the time of each keyword.

Audit on-page

Another one of the factors that affect to the SEO of a webpage is the possible technical errors that exist in her and of whom you have perhaps not been noticed. We are talking about, for example, to broken links, URLs duplicated, et cetera.

Xovi allows to realise one complete audit SEO to your webpage showing not only the errors, but also a series of advice and warnings that to take care of to improve the yield of your page.

To solve the errors is simple, since Xovi indicates to you in what URL is each so that they can locate them and correct. If one is an error 404 is possible to be made a redirection, if it is a broken link is possible to be replaced on the other, and thus with all.

analysis on page with xovi

The content

A very interesting option of Xovi is that he is able to indicate to you if your content is exclusive, or what is the same, what amount of content in your Web is duplicated and, therefore, is harming to your positioning.

In addition, it has tools that analyze and monitor the connections that there are in your Web, as well as the structure of the same, factors that are involved with the SEO. Also it allows you to elaborate customized information SEO of each project.

SfoDirect and Xovi: Comparative

tool everything in one of dinorank

Without a doubt, Xovi is a platform for SEO everything in which it includes a great amount of essential functionalities to position a webpage in the results search of Google.

Considering the tools that conform Xovi, the price of its monthly instalment perhaps can be just. Nevertheless, other options exist that, offering the same services and more, have an economic and reasonable price much more.

In this case we talked about to SfoDirect, the tool SEO everything in which it contains all the functions that realise other platforms but to a price that adjust easily to all the pockets, democratising therefore the SEO.

  • SfoDirect tells on several dedicated functions the key words, including a call Prominence Semantic, that analyzes the groups of key words that you must use in same a post to take it at the most high.
  • In addition, it also includes a focused function to detect the cannibalisations that can exist in your Web, that is to say, two or more articles than can be positioning by the same keyword and, therefore, some with others compete.
  • Another option that SfoDirect adds and that does not have Xovi, is that one that detects of direct form the Thin Content of your Web, that is to say, that one content that is poor and it is not positioning, the broken connections, URLs with little traffic, etc.

Every day the users are more conscious of the importance that has the SEO in the success that can reach a Web, or of a business online or a personal project.

The market of platforms and tools is due to study very well SEO that there is at present at the disposal of the users to select the most intelligent option. In the case of SfoDirect and Xovi, both realise similar functions although first it adds some innovating and equal tool of useful that the others.

The main difference between these two platforms is the 99 Euros to the month that Xovi costs and the 25 Euros to the month that there is to pay in SfoDirect. The relation quality/price of the two platforms is quite unequal in this aspect.

In spite of the interesting functions of Xovi, SfoDirect introduces new features and integrations that are not in other platforms and its price is most reasonable than everything in one nowadays exists as far as tools SEO.


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