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Tutorial of the Keysearch.co tool

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Certainly already you know that the key words are one of the most important elements, if not the one that more, to be able to position your webpage.

For this reason, we are going to present a tool to you dedicated completely to them: Keysearch.co.

You Have left and we will explain to you what is, how it works and in what can help this tool search key words you in your strategy SEO.

tutorial keysearch.co

What is Keysearch.co?

When we spoke of Keysearch.co we are referring to one of the most complete tools as far as the management of the key words. In fact, all the functions of this platform are dedicated to them in several aspects that we will see next.

Keysearch.co is well-known as one of the best tools to arrange with Google Adwords, since it turns out from much utility to define and to clarify the data that offer of in case the tool of Google.

And why no longer it is sufficient with the results that Google Adwords offers? Because this tool, for a time, no longer shows to the information about the number of exact searches that a keyword has, but only approximate values.

That yes, these data appear when to campaign.

As you can imagine, this supposes a problem since the interval is so ample that it is very difficult to get to become an idea of the number of searches that a keyword has in particular.

He is against this background in that they begin to arise focused tools to replace this deficiency of Google Adwords with respect to the key words, one of the pillars fundamental of the SEO to be able to position a webpage.

Keysearch.co is one of the most recommended by its functions and their economic price.

How work does Keysearch.co?

Keysearch.co is a tool whose functions are specific to manage the keywords of a Web in all the senses. Their clean interface and the fact of not having to install no software, turn it into a platform very easy to use.

Generally, people think that all that with the key words is limited search those with less competition and to find those that can cause that a webpage positions in Google.

Nevertheless, it is possible to be deepened much more in the study of the key words to obtain a greater benefit in the SEO of a webpage. Keysearch.co is not a simple tool search of key words but it deepens and it goes further on.

Next, we are going to see with m¡ detail which are the functions that Keysearch.co as regards the search of key words realises.

key words as SEO strategy

Search of key words

This tool offers a countless number to you of forms to find excellent key words for any niche in which you are interested. You only must introduce a main keyword and Keysearch will show hundreds to you of key words with several data.

The results of this search offer key words to you with their volume of searches and the referring data to CPC and PPC.

In addition, this search can be redefined and be made specific according to your needs, thanks to functions as Words Clave Relacionadas, Google Suggest, Amazon Suggest and YouTube Suggest, in addition to the own data base of Keysearch with almost a trillion of key words in her.

It also offers the possibility to you of applying filters to your search following the platform for which you are looking for key words, because the searches of Amazon are not equal that those of YouTube, for example.

In case this seemed to you little, exists another function with which, introducing the URL of any page of the competition, you will obtain the listing of the key words by which it is positioning.

Thanks to this option, you will be able to find authentic treasures in the form of key words long tail to apply to your own projects and to thus scale positions in the results of searches and of positioning in highest.

Analysis of the competition

Since we have mentioned before, Keysearch allows you to realise a deep analysis of the webpages of the competition of a fast form and with only introducing a URL and pressing a button.

Keysearch has a sophisticated algorithm that combines several factors of positioning as much On Page as In off Page, to offer a detailed analysis of results search and a ranking of difficulty of key words.

You can verify which is the state of the competition for a certain keyword of direct form from the page search, or copy and stick an own listing of key words in the tester of difficulty of the same.

Of this form, you will be able to compare different key words or to even go further on in search of more detailed information thanks to the function Deep Analysis. With this tool, you will still more collect data that help to understand the algorithm of Google.

Tracking of the ranking

Keysearch.co is in charge to analyze the positioning of your keywords, since also it offers a Tracking to us of positions. In fact, you have the option to realise analysis on its exact location, something very useful in the case of physical businesses.

The tool also allows to create reports, notifications and all type of configurations and alarms, whom they notice to you about any change in the positioning of your key words. Of this form, you can react quickly before the turns in the results of the searches.

In addition, two sections called Explorer and Competitive Analysis that allow you to realise a search of backlinks, ranking of organic key words and all type of information exist about any website that you want.

Thanks to these sections you can completely spy on your competitors, to know what backlinks aims towards your own Webs and to obtain metric as Alexa, PA and GIVES of any URL that you wish.

In addition, the Assistant of Content (Content Assistant) that offers Keysearch.co analyzes the content class that Google is positioning in his front page, so that you can know how how to improve your articles to raise positions easily.

SfoDirect and Keysearch.co: Comparative analysis and

tool all in one SfoDirect

If what you are looking for it is a tool that provides all the possible information around the key words, there is no doubt that Keysearch.co acts that as of very satisfactory form.

Nevertheless, SfoDirect is a tool that, by a very similar price, not only equals the functions of Keysearch.co, but also that improves the conditions and functionalities offering an ample focused platform not only to the key words, but to the SEO generally and in all branches.

Tracking de Posiciones

In order to start off of a good base at the time of improving the positioning of a webpage, it is necessary to monitor the key words of the same and that function is one of most basic than it offers SfoDirect.

Of fast form, effective and simple, you will have of a single look all the information on the key words of your project.

WDF*DF and Semantic Prominence

SfoDirect also incorporates a called tool WDF*DF and Prominence Semantic, that not only an analysis of the key words of your competition realises but it does in relation to his semantic meaning.

Thus, you can to each other have tail number of key words long tail and short with semantic relation, with which to improve the content of your Web and to advance to your competitors in Google using its own key words, but with more effectiveness.

In fact, this tool offers a graph of prominence of key words, so that you know with total exactitude how you must use them to write up texts of the best possible quality.

Detection of Cannibalisations

Something very important with respect to the SEO and the key words that much people do not consider is the cannibalisations, that is to say, when two or more pages of a same Web try to position by a same keyword.

SfoDirect includes a dedicated tool exclusively to detect these cannibalisations by means of a synchronization between the own SfoDirect and Search Console de Google. By means of a click you will discover the cannibalisations to be able to put a solution to them.

detection of cannibalisations with dinorank

Keyword Research

And, by all means, SfoDirect also realises a search of key words analyzing the volume of searches, the competition and the CPC, so that you can obtain an ample and detailed vision of how the key words in the website work.

In addition, this analysis provides new semantic key words to you to use in your Web to improve the positioning, at the same time as it increases the quality of the content.

This function turns out very useful to find new ideas to elaborate more containing from the key words that the tool provides, reason why help to stimulate the creation of more texts than helps the positioning.

A peculiar data that contributes SfoDirect with respect to the key words, is that it in the last shows to the volume of searches twelve months and that allows to detect if seasonalities in them exist to know when and how to use them in texts.

SfoDirect realises all these functions and many more related not only to the key words but to connected internal, pagerank internal, backlinks and many other factors of the SEO, in addition to offering customized reports and information to verify your Web of a look.

Simplicity, the cleaning and the professional results of the functionalities of SfoDirect cause that this platform is appropriate as much for those who begin to walk in the world of the SEO as for experts and people who handle great projects.


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