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Tutorial of Safecont: It learns To optimize your Web

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Safecont is not a tool more SEO: with his technology Machine Learning, it analyzes the content and the architecture of your Web to give with the errors that they prevent to appear him in the first positions of the SERPs, in addition to avoiding possible penalties.

This tool more or less evaluates the quality of the content and the architecture of the site, dividing it in zones of danger, showing metric specific for each segment. To those Safecont zones Clusters denominates them, that are urls with the same possibilities, on the basis of a series of factors, being penalized by Google.

To identify these questions in small sites is simple. The complicated thing comes when you need to analyze the content of sites with many urls.

With Safecont you can analyze if your Web has contents of little quality and another series of disadvantages that can derive in possible penalties. This way, we will be able to correct pertinent so that does not happen and to be able to position to us better.

We see everything what you can do with this powerful tool of SEO.

tutorial of safecont

What You can Do with Safecont?

Safecont allows to detect the pages you of smaller quality in your website, as we finished saying. In addition, it allows you to identify which are urls with greater transactional value so that you can optimize his content.

This way, you will be able to recreate the architecture of the connected Web creating a new one according to the new segmentation, the traffic and a new categorisation of all contents.

How It analyzes Safecont the Quality of a Web?

Safecont has a data base to analyze the structure, content and other characteristics of the pages. It compares the page analyzed with his data base, it gives a score and it shows the probabilities that rankee or or finishes penalized and missing in the SERPs.

A bad score of Safecont agrees, generally, with a little visibility in Google, and serves to detect what page agrees to modify or to eliminate of your website, so that the global valuation of the site increases and it does not finish penalized by the filters of quality of Google.

An Audit SEO with Safecont

The starting point of an audit SEO with this tool begins choosing the domain that you want to analyze and selecting between a total analysis or one partisan of the website.

Here also it is in your hands deciding if to detect the duplicated content external or no.

Dashboard or Panel de Control

Dashboard sample of automatic way once has been finished the tracking of the URL of your site. In him it is possible to visualize:

  • The global score of the domain, call PandaRisk by Safecont. One is the risk that has the domain of which it finishes penalized of algorithmic way by Google. To greater score (it goes from 0 to 100), major risk exists of penalty.
  • The results of the tracking.
  • A listing of clusters and pages ordinates from largest to smallest by the high probability of falling penalized by Google.
  • The score of the site with respect to the 3 main problems (external similarity, duplicates and thin content).

PandaRisk Safecont


This eyelash informs to us in detail about the problems that are affecting to the site and in what proportion.

Each one of the 3 main problems (similarity, thin content and duplicated external) have a global score and a concrete statistic for each page.

Risk functionality tool safecont


These 3 problems work as criteria from largest to smallest to segment your site in 10 clusters or percentiles danger, with the purpose of doing to you easier to establish priorities at the time of optimizing your contents.

So that you become an idea: the cluster that is over the 65-70% is those of more high priority and on which first we will have to work to correct its problems.

Clusters unit tool safecont

Similarity (Duplicated Internal)

Here very similar pages are included some with the other within our domain. To have similar content or duplicate between the pages of your Web can happen by:

  • The own CMS generates urls duplicated to you.
  • A deficient creation of unique content by each URL.

When this happens in a great number of urls, Google will detect the high percentage of duplicity and of content of little quality, that will end up affecting to the positioning of your site and more likely it finishes penalized.

In addition to clusters, the report of Similar Safecont ˜pages with this™ offers a grouping to you of urls, related by duplication, as well as a listing of pages according to its percentage of duplicity.

Thin Content

The interpretation more habitual than is thin content, is that it is a content that is below the average of quality of the rest of the site, following these criteria:

  • Account with few words in the text.
  • He is superfluous.
  • It has a terrible grammar and style.
  • He is unsubstantial.
  • It does not solve questions nor needs.
  • He is obsolete.
  • It does not agree with the one of the website.

It is necessary to indicate that Safecont considers neither canonicals nor noindex when it executes the analysis, consequently it can mark to a URL as thin content to you but it could happen that URL is or in noindex or has a canonical label towards another URL.


She is one of the most complex functionalities introduced by Safecont, and consists of a three-dimensional box, in which the subjects of the Web by points of color and information about urls are represented.

The more distant it is a point of another one, the more moved away are his thematic ones, showing therefore different similarities or that they are the subjects treated in a your Web.

Semantic eyelash Safecont


With this function you will be able to visualize connected internal of your Web, being shown to you levels of depth that there is in her. Whatever less levels, better.

A good architecture favors the traction of traffic of the domain in global. On the contrary, the duplication, the bad quality and inadequate internal connecting harm to the SEO, debilitating the results of the finders.

With this function you will see:

  • Urls with its level of depth and the force or the link accumulated juice by each level (LevelStrength).
  • A graph with the architecture of the Web.
  • A list of pages ordinates by internal PageRank.
  • A view with the anchor text more habitual used in the Web and the anchor of greater force.
  • A list of the Hubs of the portal, that would be urls that connects to others.
  • Another list with the Authorities pages, that are those connected and that would correspond with that they are more important for us.

A page can at the same time be Hub and Authority; the Home is the best example of it.

eyelash architecture in safecont


They appear listed all from largest to smallest urls of the domain organized PageRisk.

This factor is not only based on the similarity, thin content or the external duplicate, but its algorithm considers many other factors.

Puncturing in anyone of those urls we will Access to another panel where we will be able to see a card of that URL, an analysis TF-IDF and a report of Null TF-IDF.

Vista of the URL

Making click on anyone of urls identified as of high risk, you will see:

  • The corresponding score of this URL, denominated Pagerisk and its 3 main problems (Similarity, Thin Content and External Duplicate).
  • A connection of access to the other pages with more characteristics common of your site.
  • An analysis TF-IDF
  • A report of distinguished organic traffic, if your Safecont account is associate with Google Analytics.

Analysis TF-IDF

It is a method used with the aim of determining the probability of appearance of a word in a page, on the basis of which this word appears within a greater data set, than in the case of Google they would be all the pages that it has indexed.

When in a URL it most frequently appears a word, can cause that Google considers your content an excellent text with respect to that term, although if it appears too many times it could have the opposite result.


This function allows to see the words you that appear in all the pages of your site. If this word is in all the urls of your domain, their TF-IDF will have the value of 0, reason why he will be very complicated that positions for that word at issue.

External duplicates

Tool External duplicate detects the reproduction of content of a source other people's to our website. Antiplagiarism is a tool.

The use of this eyelash has an extra cost by URL.

Stats crawl

First that is seen it is a graph and a number that the health of your Web based on the crawleo indicates.

Although it is not the strength of Safecont, these data are useful to know the time that they take in responding your pages, to have information on the indexing and the tracking your portal.

Optimizer links

What does this function is to suggest new connections to add to you in different urls from your Web. The objective is to tell you, of automatic way, how you must optimize the internal connected one of your Web to improve the architecture and to remove to the maximum benefit to the link juice.

Since it calculates it of automatic form, still it has much margin of improvement. So that you become an idea, it suggested to remove connections to me from the page that we are towards others urls.

But even so, we can remove benefit to him if we used it with head. We will be able to improve interlinking, to improve the crawl consumption budget and also to distribute better the Pagerank or forces by all our domain of those external liaisons that aim at our Web.

It will remove a graph to you where you will be able to before see the state of the domain and after applying those improvements of connected that propose to you (average of the force of the domain, levels of depth and improvement average of your pages).

unit links to optimizer to improve the internal connected one

Since you have been able to verify in this tutorial one on Safecont, one is powerful a super tool that will allow to see and to analyze all those errors you that you have in your Web and which they could derive in a penalty on the part of Google.

And you, you have proven it? We waited for you in the commentaries.


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  1. Very good the tutorial. I finish taking SafeCont. A long time ago I used it but I had just a short time to put me in her. Setup comes to me from luxury this to take it with more desire more and oriented to move to me.

    Chapeau also SfoDirect, and that you publish contents as this, speaking of different other herrmanienta.

    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Thanks to you by the commentary!

      SafeCont is a very good tool SEO, and in addition Spanish, we wanted to make a post speaking of her.

      Shelp this, you do not lose trying SfoDirect, the SEO Todo tool in One.

      A hug,

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