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The Tool Cheaper SEO in Quality-Price Relation in 2020

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There are many users interested in working the SEO of his projects, niches or business but often the prices of tools SEO as Rank Tracker, Screaming Frog, SISTRIX, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Safecont or Seolyze are prohibitive. 

Because yes, all of them are very good, but also very expensive tools. They are not within reach of any pocket being able to use them; and above many of them are not all it complete who would have to be reason why you will need functionalities.

SfoDirect on the contrary is one more of herrramientas SEO cheaper in relation to the great number of functions SEO that you can work with her: internal and external complete search, tracking and attitude control, connected as much of new key words, audit SEO, deep analysis of the contents that offer the competition as well as its semantics, detection of cannibalisation and thin content, etc.

The abundant number of possibilities that SfoDirect offers, without being gratuitous, is without doubt the best tool SEO in the ratio quality/price. Of the hand of Gabriel Aylagas and Dean Romero we have created an incredible tool SEO with which to work and to position projects, niches and businesses in Google.

Born SfoDirect in order to advance towards the democratization of the SEO and to do it accessible to practically all the pockets.

This means that the main objective of this idea you are, that you finish home with your page in Internet and you do not know how to do a hollow to you between so many Webs of experienced people more.

And it is that with only 25 to the month, you will be able to have access to all the functions of a tool powerful super SEO: tracking of positions, semantic prominence, detection of thin content, SEO On Page audit, Connected Internal, and all the other modules that offer and that, separately, could get to cost to you more up to 5 times.

It discovers the SEO SfoDirect Suite and beam that your Web begins to position in the SERPs.

SfoDirect: All the Tools of Optimization in a single

SfoDirect is a unique tool. One is the first All tool in One for SEO of the market, and that in addition to its versatility and quality, has the compared lowest prices with those of its competitors.

But how it does? What benefits offer SfoDirect to you?

We explained it right now to you:

  • Multiplication of the traffic in your Web concentrating in the SEO On Page, that is to say, the optimization of your page at internal level to appear in the web search engines and to increase your ranking.
  • Its rank of action includes as much modest niches, as great portals: WikiHow, EcuRed and unCOMO (they have been betatesters), for example.
  • He is destined to three different profiles: webmasters nascent, consulting and nicheros SEOs.

SfoDirect for Consultants SEO

The consultants SEO are specialists who take care to coordinate, to analyze in depth the webpages and to put in practice strategies and action SEO so that the Webs of their clients are positioned in the first results of Google.

This consultant's office of the consultants must as aim, among others, foment the conversions and offer him to one better experience of user to the visitors of the Web, were the Audit SEO an indispensable instrument so that the consultant works the part On Page as In off as much page.

In coarse SfoDirect with introducing your Web in the tool to secure a list of the optimization errors and to unload it in pdf to be able to make interpretations and suggestions to the client.

SfoDirect for Nicheros

The niches are oriented a concrete public, and require of contents and a good amount of traffic, generally, to obtain yield.

Usually one thinks that a good positioning of the niches depends on the number of connections that contain, but in fact as much the connected one as the internal optimization is equal of important.

Yes, backlinks is fundamental but also it is it the On Page of our Web.

For the nicheros, SfoDirect offers the possibility of making a study and an analysis of the structure of the internal connected one, of way of which they can study the architecture Web that is using their competitors and power to talk back it or to improve hers own one.

SfoDirect for Bloggers and webmasters

For bloggers and webmasters, SfoDirect represents a cheap and simple tool to position a site.

It offers the same functionalities you that tools as Safecont, Seolyze and NetpeakSpider, although with smaller complexity and to a much smaller price.

Thanks to SfoDirect you will be able to make an elementary analysis of concrete problems in your Web later to provide a simple solution to them.

This characteristic and his low cost, make of SfoDirect the nascent tool perfect SEO for bloggers and webmasters amateurs and. And with the money that you save yourself, you will be able to invest it in backlinks and in the generation of contents.

Functionalities of SfoDirect

Even so, it is necessary that we present everything to you what can make SfoDirect and why takes the advantage in the comparative ones with other tools that there are in the market.

functionalities and units of SfoDirect

Tracking de Posiciones

One of the most important things in a project is to monitor how Google to our Keywords is trying in the SERPs.

Thanks to this functionality that offers SfoDirect to you, he will be everything very simple, and with a few clicks you will have it all ready one to control your ranking day to day.

You will be able to see the evolution of your key words, to add notes, to establish alert and simultaneously to see the evolution combined of several keywords, ideal if you have clºsters.

Internal Pagerank

The Pagerank is main the metric one that uses Google to classify its results search. How it does? Then counting the number of connections that a page has from other publications. To greater number of connections, more Pagerank will have and, therefore, better it will position.

How help you will SfoDirect with this module? Thanks to the graph that shows to you, you will be able to see how it is the architecture of your website and how you have distributed to the link juice. That is to say, the force that has each URL within him.

In this way, you can use that internal Pagerank to distribute more force urls that you consider more important. We will do it by means of the Sculpting Link. That is to say, by means of internal liaisons, to transmit and to direct to the Pagerank or the force towards the pages that we want.

Connected Internal

Thanks to this function, you will be able to see drawn the architecture Web of your project on the basis of the internal connected one that you have been using.

It will serve you for 3 things, essentially:

  • To see the depth that has our Web and to observe what urls moves away much of home.
  • To see the groupings by thematic, since those urls that have semantic relations would have to produce bunches.
  • In case we have a competitor who is surpassing to us, we will be able to introduce his Web in SfoDirect, rasterarla and soon to observe what structures of connected internal has.

SEO On Page audit

Why it serves this to us? In order to detect errors in our Web that can be harming our positioning.

Thanks to SfoDirect, this is quite simple. Of very visual form and with a few clicks, you will be able to detect all those errors to be able to correct them: duplicated or nonexistent errors 404, labels, urls with noindex that would have to be index, etc.

WDF*DF and Semantic Prominence

Against similar functionalities of other tools SEO, the one of semantic prominence of SfoDirect does not have rival.

This function indicates the frequency of appearance or the relative weight of certain words in relation to the rest of the words of the text of a competitor and, therefore, the importance that has its use in the own text.

The function comes with filter to find terms of one to three words, and gives to recommendations for the writing and correction of the content.

This function gives the keywords you that you must introduce in your text following keywords which your competitors in their contents already positioned in TOP 10 of Google are using.


A cannibalisation is when are different results, different urls from our Web for a same keyword. This dilutes the force of both because Google does not know which must position.

To identify them is super simple with our tool. And not only it indicates those cannibalisations to you, SfoDirect advises how to solve them to you.

Detection of Thin Content

If you have a relatively high percentage of URLs without anything of traffic throughout the time. your domain will be harmed of global form. Thanks to this function of SfoDirect, he will be to you very simple to identify them and to take action:

  • In order to improve its contents
  • To make a redirection 301 to a similar URL
  • Or to erase them to improve the crawl budget

Management of the External Connected one

To have a control of ours backlinks is fundamental, because day of today, continue being the main factor of positioning.

But also he is one of the main reasons by which Google penalizes Webs. For that reason, it is fundamental to have controlled our strategy of linkbuilding. And thanks to this module of Connected Management of External it turns out super simple to do it.

You will be able to see the percentage of connections follow and nofollow that you have, the type of anchor text (brand, URL, keyword), urls of your Web more connected or the percentage of anchor text that you have. All this very useful to detect landlords and to see if we must have precaution with our profile of connections, or if on the contrary we can be a little more aggressive.

Keyword Research

An enormous amount of tools exists SEO for key words. But the problem is that they only do that: search key words. SfoDirect offers this functionality along with all the previous and everything to you by the same price.

This module is perfect to take to end our strategy of contents and to find long tails. You will be able to know the volume of one searches keyword, its CPC and the competition in Adwords. Also you will be able to detect seasonalities thanks to his graph.

Really, simple but very powerful module.

The tool cheaper SEO in relation quality-price in 2020

SfoDirect is the tool SEO of the 2020 with the best relation quality-price certifying that data the reaped sales the previous year. If one observes what is worth and everything what can take control of her by a so low monthly payment, is a tool almost gratuitous SEO.

This incredible tool does not put limits to the amount of websites with which you want to work. It allows you to analyze 300 contents different every month with the WDF*DF function, to trackear 400 keywords between all projects, to make 200 searches with keyword research and to throw up to 50 keywords with that same module.

If you continue looking for by gratuitous tools SEO you are going to find many limitations and therefore the SEO in your website will not be good. With a tool SEO as SfoDirect you break all those barriers and you impel your project, business or niche to obtain more visits.

And that only with a basic access!

It discovers the All suite in One SEO that will cause that your contents are first in appearing in the searches in Google.

You have doubts? Leave a commentary us!


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  1. Hello.

    I am called Ana Raez.
    After reading your explanations, I need to go further on.

    Shortly I open a store online, has supported Shopify, I am very amateur, and woman orchestra, I do it everything, is no employee, therefore all I will do it.

    There are many very well-known tools that I cannot pay. Your price, if. I have not entered your tool still, but I would like that you are honest and you tell me if will be sufficient for a small store.

    I can prove it before?
    There is tutorial in Spanish?
    Is the tool available in Spanish?


    • Edu Coromina To respond

      Hello Ana, thanks for your commentary.

      I respond ™ to you

      Yes, SfoDirect will be more than sufficient to work your small store online. In fact, we have users who work with great ecommerce without no kind of problem. So yes, SfoDirect is for you.

      We also loosen some trials in some events SEO and in special dates.

      There are videotutoriales in Spanish and the tool is developed from Spain, so you will not have problem some with the language.

      Good, I believe that already I responded to everything. If you have some other question you do not doubt in doing it ™

      A greeting.

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