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For a time one has begun to speak of hosting SEO as a lodging alternative to hosting habitual, the one that we know always. The concepts hosting and together SEO seem not to have much sense but immediately we are going to you to explain what SEO is hosting and why it interests to know to you of him.

What is hosting SEO?

Hosting SEO is a type of lodging that allows you to have several page different Webs with IP but in a same servant. The importance of this detail is that when you create a network of blogs under a same IP Google will penalize to you if you try to connect them since it considers that feedback is not a good practice.

This penalty, as you imagine, is translated in a fall of the positioning of all the webpages that share IP since Google will consider that you have tried to deceive to raise positions to him in the SERPs.

On the contrary, hosting normal will group to the pages Webs of a same servant under the same IP, thus being in evidence that all of them belong to the same person and putting in risk the project when doing linkbuilding among them.

Until now, different the most practical solution seemed to be to contract hosting so that each webpage had its own IP but, as you will be able to imagine, the cost is too high if you have a good number of blogs.

Little by little the best companies begin to introduce the option of hosting SEO between their plans so when you think about sending your GNP (Blog Prevails to you Network) or network of blogs, assures to you that the supplier you can provide this service since you will save money and problems.

Of what it consists the GNP (Blog Prevails to you Network)?

The GNP is something more than a network of blogs that belong to the same user. Generally, one is a set of pages Webs that tie to each other by means of a strategy of linkbuilding that helps its positioning,

The GNP also is known with the name of money sites indeed because that is its final assignment: the minting. Usually they are webpages with minting with Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliates; for that reason he is so crucial to raise the positioning.

When connecting them some with others a transmission of the authority takes place that causes that just created they benefit from which has been more time in line. A suitable strategy of linkbuilding can cause that the GNP goes off towards the first positions of the results of Google.

Since we have shelp more above, this strategy is not of the taste of Google and for that reason we must create our GNP in hosting SEO and in hosting conventional where all the pages would have the same IP aiming at the same proprietor, not exposing the play before Google.

IP of class C

It is very important that you make sure that the IPs that hosting SEO offers to you for your GNP are of class C. If you pay attention, an IP is formed by four groups of numbers that are known as A, B, C and D. Nos interests that the IP of the pages Webs of our GNP is different in group C so that Google does not detect our network of blogs.

CloudFlare and Whois

These two services can turn out to us from much to use to still more privatize our network of blogs besides the possibilities that offers of in case hosting SEO to us.

Through panel of the same we will be able to Access to the configuration of the DNS. Of this form and by means of the generation of new DNS through CloudFlare we can replace those that the servant puts by defect causing that the IP is still more difficult to rake.

On the other hand, a private WHOIS will cause that our identity is prot©g©e so that nobody can know who hides after the blogs that form our GNP. That yes, you must know two things: a warrant will force to you to provide the data although you have a private WHOIS and you cannot apply this one in a domain .es. That does not clear so that one or more of your blogs has this domain and thus, your GNP is still disguised more.

How to choose best hosting SEO?

Although nowadays there are no too many companies that offer the possibility of lodging your websites in hosting SEO, we think that he is useful that you know the main characteristics that must have so that the results are optimal.

  • Here we left also hosting SEO you that recommends Hostingsaurio, Web that is specialized in reviews of all type of hosting.
  • Directions IP of class C. Already we have spoken of which the main difference between hosting SEO and hosting conventional is the different possibility of having IP for your webpages. , Nevertheless most important it is than they are of class C so that they do not have too near ranks and they are not possible to be detected.
  • Unique registries rDNS for each IP. If you use the same rDNS for all the IP is possible that the web search engines get to detect your network of blogs. For that reason, you must verify that the company of hosting SEO offers rDNS to you only.
  • Specialized Control Panels. Good hosting SEO must facilitate the management to you of your websites and for it one of the best panels is WHM (Web Host Manager) along with already known cPanel. Both are very complete but, at the same time, simple to handle to the being very intuitive.

Times of load. We are not deceived, if you have created the GNP is because it interests to you to position and for it, all pages Webs must have a minimum time of load.


If you are thinking about creating a network of blogs or the GNP to mint them the best thing is than you contract hosting SEO since hosting conventional will only cause that Google penalizes to you to use your own Webs to raise positionings.

It remembers that the main difference between hosting SEO and hosting normal is that first assigns different IPs from each webpage whereas hosting normal lodges all projects Web under a same IP causing that Google knows that they belong to the same proprietor.

Luckily some companies begin to offer this service between their plans of lodging so the one chooses that more adapts to your needs and undertakes the adventure to create your own GNP avoiding problems and risks.

3 March, 2020

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