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What is SfoDirect?




 Connected internal

SEO On-Page audit

WDF*DF and semantic prominence


Detection of thin content

Connected management external

 Keyword research

Tracking of positions

What one is not moderate is not possible to be improved. The first step of any SEO is to monitor the key words of the project in which is working within the results search, or an own niche or the Web of a client.

 With SfoDirect you have ampler and economic a plan of tracking of key words than some established tools of tracking more in the market. Easy, fast, economic and effective. Also you can even realise your pursuit for PC or mobile and geolocalizando the search, this last one only for the accesses Premium.

Internal Pagerank

A functionality really exclusive outpost and within the SEO that to day of today to you few of the rest of tools offer, as Screaming Frog or Netpeak Spider.

 With SfoDirect you can see the distribution of Pagerank of all your page with 1 click based on your internal connecting. To observe URLs with more force and to distribute better the authority to improve your global ranking in Google and to surpass your competitors.

Connected internal

This is a function of the most demanded by the professionals of the sector and, he is one of the most important factors as well that Google must in whatever to position your page: connected internal and the architecture Web, and for your info we Hosting all the sites using our own server that we always monitor 24/7.

 Graphs that allow to take to end analysis of connections and that offer focused tools to marketing online and positioning, as FandangoSEO with SfoDirect you have it again to low cost and with 1 only click.

Audit SEO onpage

Screaming Frog is very well, but mortal people (many consultants SEO including) sometimes do not use great part of the infinite options that offers. Ours bot, nicknamed affectionately DinoBOT, will make an audit Web of your page having found broken connections, tags badly implemented, urls with low speed of load and other many errors SEO on page thanks to his scrapper without difficulties and with great speed.

 These literally to a click to detect your errors and to put to you to correct them to improve your positioning SEO.

WDF*DF and semantic prominence

Our WDF*DF is a similar but adapted formula of the habitual TF*IDF that other tools known in the market use SEO, as SEOlyze or Ryte.

 You will be able to find out the key words with greater semantic prominence of your competition in Google to optimize your contents and to position to size over them writing up your texts with our graph of prominence.

The cannibalisations of your contents in Google are really complicated to detect unless you work with a specific tool or you verify all the contents from your website 1 to 1 of form manual in Google (something nonviable).

 To day of today tools as SISTRIX allow to see them you, but they are not within reach of any webmaster. Synchronizing SfoDirect with Search Console you will be able to see them all with 1 click. You solve and you raise them your ranking. Easy.

Detection of thin content

Lethal and extremely effective. We cross your data of traffic of Google Analytics with our scrapper and we showed to the URLs thin to you content that organic visits do not receive so that you can work in them, or to eliminate them or to redirect them to another URLs.

To really eliminate thin content of your page will cause that Google scores it far better. SfoDirect puts it to you very easy in that sense.

Connected management of external
A newspaper where to be pointing all external liaisons or backlinks, as much those that purchases as those that you obtain of natural form.
SfoDirect will calculate your percentage of anchor more text in detail (brand, keyword etc), follow, nofollow, URLs connected and you will be able to plan as you want that it is your strategy of link building. In addition, if you lose the one of the connections to your domain (or they retire it to you) tool warns to you.
Keyword research
It locates data of volume of searches, CPC and Competition as well as data of tendency per months that will allow you to visualize the seasonality of your keywords, and opportunities of key words by all means.
Tail Obt©n others keywords long and keywords related semantically to its respective data so that you extend your positioning.
What think the SEOs of SfoDirect?
The tool by the versatility has surprised me that offers; the internal modules analyze quite different branches of the SEO and to have it everything in a single tool is brilliant. In addition it is very intuitive and easy to handle, which gives more value him if it fits.
SfoDirect will enchant which they look for a simple tool and completes, that unifies and simplifies the work of SEO. The demanding ones will see surprises, as their analysis WDF*DF to improve contents, in my opinion most useful now in market. It has hooked to me, and by his price it pleasingly surprises the value to me that contributes.
Juan Gonz¡lez
SfoDirect is the tool ideal SEO for entrepreneurs and small businesses. With her you will be able to realise many of the tasks necessary to improve your strategies of Positioning Web, from a detailed On-Page audit to an analysis SEO of your contents, and, thanks to it, to significantly increase the yield of your project.
Jos© Facchin
It seems to me incredible everything what offers the SEO SfoDirect tool, of the price that it has is in favor at another level. To emphasize the graphical visualization of the internal Pagerank and the detailed indications in the cases of the resolution of the cannibalisations to improve our traffic, and the vps hosting are just flawless its like my website never been down for no reason or without notice.
Ivan, SEO of the north

A complete tool that continues improving. More by so little cannot be asked. I am saving 170 /month in tools. SfoDirect is present and future, the SEO All tool in one.

An incredible tool, so complete and intuitive that it surprises. You have graphs of connected internal and pagerank of any project to a click. Analysis WDF*DF to improve contents is quite powerful. It facilitates and it makes agile the daily tasks of any SEO with a price than more accessible. In addition it has not stopped improving from his launching.

Marta Arroyo
Plans and prices
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Basic access

Duration period: 1 year
Websites to work: limitless

Keywords to trackear: 400/month

Trackings of websites: 25/month
Analysis of content: 300/month
Analysis keyword research: 200/month
Result KW research: up to 50/analyses
16,45 /mes
Price: 197,36 /a±o
Premium access
Duration period: 1 year
Websites to work: limitless
Keywords to trackear: 800/month


Keywords to trackear: 800/month
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